Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sharing again…..


Here’s something I just read from Jillian Michaels on my Facebook page.  I had to share it here.


Jillian Michaels

Unlimited Tip: Many of us are taught to settle & made to feel guilty if we are single-minded about going after something we want. We go on to believe that our desires are selfish, our self-love is arrogant & pompous. Society tells us it is okay to want things, but only within reason & at a price. We're allowed to want comfort, but in due time & within limits. Ask yourself this: how much deprivation, how much self-effacement must you suffer through before you act on your desire for meaning & fulfillment? Before it’s your turn to thrive in your life, instead of barely surviving it? Some people live their dreams. WHY NOT YOU?


Yes, why not you?  Why are you still wanting whatever your dream may be?  Why have you given your dreams up so that someone else can do what they want?  Comfort?  Okay, I’m sure she’s not talking about sitting on the couch and being comfortable.  My comfort is my running.  I am comforted by the fact that my health has improved, that my weight has improved, and that my stress levels have improved.  My comfort is the way I eat.  I have drastically cut down my risk of getting many types of cancers.  My cholesterol level is down, my fat intake is down, my vitamin, mineral, and other awesome good for you things  - that has gone wayyyy up.   I didn’t wait for this to happen.  If I did, it would never happen. 

So get up, realize that it is never too late for your dreams, and go get them.

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Nessa said...

Mama! Man, that hit me hard dude. In a good way. It was like it was meant for me. I mean, the holding back part. I'm on the journey, but still being too cautious. I hope to just "let go" one of these days. We are slowly going veg ourselves and slowly researching Chris doing more brewing - maybe even as a business. More research needed.

Hey! Can you help me with some vegan receipes including tofu, tempeh and seitan? I'm kind of afraid of the "Tofurkey and Gimme Lean" type processed soy meats, but need more help with using the other more whole sources. I've got the beans, lentils, nuts and veg down, just need some good recipes with others. Should I get that Joy of Vegan book to start with? Oh, and thanks for sharing again! Nesser