Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick update

Hi all!!  Just a quick update before I forget to do this again.  

Next week is our 5K at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I am soooooo not ready and wish I had at least another month.  However, I am determined to finish within the alloted 45 minutes; my guess is my time will be 44:59.  ;)  I'm looking forward to spending time with Mary and checking out the sports expo, too.  Hopefully I'll improve as time goes on and I'll sign up to do another 5K asap. 

Uh oh - someone is very unhappy about her molars that are coming in...must.....go......snuggle.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Naughty or Nice.....

Check this out!

Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste the links.  My computer won't cooperate with me this morning!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sorry it has been so dang long since I've updated the blog.  Shame on me!  ;)  The holidays always seem to suck up any available time I have to do stuff like this.  Lets see if I can give a Cliff Notes version of an update:

Running:  Still at it, but got a week behind and am now trying to catch up.  The weather has been wonderful in the morning so far this week and is making things easier.  :)  Hopefully by the time the 5K comes around, I'll at least finish it within the allotted time.  I hope. 

Shopping:  I swear I feel like I robbed CVS today.  ;)  I bought $37.70 worth of stuff and paid.....drumroll please......$.45 cents.  And I got another $14 in ECB's back at the end.  Dang I'm getting good at this!  And yes, it was all stuff that we need.  I also rocked the savings at Publix this week, too.  I have a few things to pick up this weekend, so hopefully the Sunday paper will make me happy.

As for the rest of everything.......

My parents were down here for our annual "early Christmas" a week ago.  We had a blast!  They were over-the-top generous and helped us replace Mary's totaled van.  Of course, we kept it a secret from Mary and surprised her with it on "Christmas" morning.  Poor girl burst into tears the moment she saw it.  I think we had more fun keeping it a secret from her!  We're terribly grateful and oh-so very happy that we don't have to take her anywhere now! 

We also got passes to Busch Gardens & Sea World for a year - yeah!!!  We're going to go this Saturday to B.G.  With the price of gas so low, I can imagine we'll be going there quite often now. 

Alex and I got everyone a Wii.  Hannah, of course, fell out on the floor as soon as she saw it and Kali was squealing.  They're playing it now as I type this out.  Alex and I were having bowling competitions with my parents.  That was fun.  Somehow, I've lost my "game" and now he's beating me lately.  This is just not right!

We all got a bunch of other gifts, but I'd be here forever telling y'all about them.

Well, that's my short-and-sweet update for now.  There's more, but my fingers are tired and I have a pot of soup to check on and some coffee to make!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 5/Day 3

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning and I was sooo not happy about that.  Hannah and Kali had come into our room around 3:00 and they were all snuggled up in bed with us.  Why on earth would I want to leave that?!?  I smacked the snooze and stayed there for about 10 minutes.  Finally I argued with myself enough and got out of bed.  Brrrrrrrrrr.  For some reason we seem to have the coldest room in the house during the winter, and Mary has the hottest room in the house during the summer. 

I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and headed off to the kitchen.  I grabbed my morning usual - water and raisins.  How exciting, right?  I read my email, stretched for about 10 minutes, and then warmed up the car.  Brrrrrrr.  Really, shouldn't I just go back to bed?! 

There was no one else at the park when I got there.  I started up my iPod and listened to Robert on my couch-to-5K podcast.  I walked for 5 minutes and then he said to start my 20 minute run.  Who was he kidding?!  The first 5 were killer; it was so chilly that my muscles immediately were pissed off at me.  The second 5 minutes were getting a little better.  Robert proclaimed me 1/2 done at the 10 minute mark.  By this time I think I lost all feeling in my legs, though I had finally found my lungs.  By minute 15 I lost my lungs again and regretfully felt my legs.  I was not going to stop though.  The last 5 minutes were pretty good but I knew I was running out of steam.  Heck, I run slow enough as it is that people walking could possibly pass me up! 

But I made it!!  I did all 20 minutes!  Holy heck.  Who would have guessed, right?!  I got home, started up some coffee, and hopped in the shower.  Ahhhhhhhh..............

Week 6 starts on Tuesday for me.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 5/Day 2

I woke up to freezing temperatures this morning.  Brrrrr!!!  When I went out to the car, I turned on the wipers to get the "fog" off the windows.  Yeah.  Not fog.  FROST!  My windows were iced up!  So I sat in the driveway for about 10 minutes while the windows defrosted.  FROST!  Not a common occurrence down here in November. 

I got to the park and realized I was the only one there at the moment.  Hmmmm...could it be because it was FREEZING?!  I did my warmup walk with my hat and hood on, silently cursing the freezing air.  My warmup walk ended and then it was time for my first run.  8 minutes.  EIGHT minutes.  The first 3 minutes were killer and then I finally caught my breath and got the feeling back in my legs.  I finished the entire 8 minutes.  Go me!!  Then I walked for 5 minutes.  The last run was another 8 minutes.  Ugh.  At first I thought there was no way in hell I could do it.  The first 4 minutes had me swearing, the little hills were killing me, but I gave them attitude right back.  The next 3 minutes were okay, and the last minute could have done me in but I wouldn't let it.  Phew.  I made it!!  I was fairly amazed with myself as I huffed and puffed for my 5 minute cooldown walk. 

Saturday's run (or it might be Sunday this time) is supposed to be 20 straight minutes.  Twenty.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 5 - Day 1

I was supposed to go running yesterday, but it was super cold (for us Floridians) in the morning, and couldn't rouse myself out of my nice, warm bed.  Baaaaaad me.  So I went this morning, and dang it, it was colder!!!!  But I went because that's what I had to do.

This week is a bit different. 
Day 1 is warm up 5/run5/walk3/run5/walk3/run5/cool down walk 5
Day 2 is warm up 5/run8/walk5/run8/cool down 5
Day 3 is warm up 5/run 20/cool down 5

Holy shit.

The first 5 minute run was horrid.  I was frozen, my muscles were not happy, and my lungs were pissed off.  I was thankful for my 3 minute reprieve.  The second 5 minutes I slowed down a bit.  My legs felt better and my lungs were much happier with me.  By the time my 5 minutes were up, I still had some gas left in my tank.  Interesting.  The last 5 minutes were neither as bad as the first 5 or as good as the second 5.  I finished with air still in my lungs and feeling in my legs.  :)  Hopefully on Thursday I'll be as happy with those 8 minutes as I was with the 5 minutes. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 3 of Week 4/Tuesday

I was supposed to put this update in on Tuesday, but life got a hold of me first.  Today is now Thursday, and I was back at the park at the butt-crack of dawn, also known as 6am around here.  It was also a very strange 74 degrees this morning.  Blech.  The humidity nearly filled up my water bottle! 

Hopefully on Monday I'll be back to my regularly scheduled schedule (!) and on day 1 of week 5. 

I'm starting to work on some Christmas projects and on the hunt for inexpensive gifts.  Think I can get Ford to donate a car?!  ;) 

Hope all is well with's my original, unfinished, outdated update!

Okay, so there have been a few hiccups in my training.  First there was that horrid thing called daylight savings.  Then there was that other horrid thing called Mary's accident.  I hate, hate, hate going to the park to run when the sun is up.  I so love when it's still dark and I can enjoy the peace and quiet that it brings.  Of course, the time change killed that since the sun was up at 6:15 now.  I tried running at my normal time and hated it; I tried running at night and hated that, too.  Gosh I'm such a whiner!  So I decided the only thing left to do was to get up at 5:15 so I could be at the park just as the sky was started to get light. 

Of course, then Mary got in her accident and that put me a few days behind schedule.  Thankfully that's all it was, right.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

And on a lighter note.....

Here's a few recent pictures......

Hannah and Kali in their new jammies.  :)

More jammies

Goofy Kali

Who are these people?! 

Now for my latest shopping trip reports.  :)  Gotta love The Grocery Game at cruddy economic times like these.

I went to CVS last week; they had great sales on a few things that I needed.  And you know, that is the whole point of this thing, is to buy stuff you use all the time.  It wouldn't be saving money if you bought stuff you wouldn't use.  Anyway, I went to CVS twice last week.  The first time I spent 29.44 and saved 8.40.  I then went back to CVS with the Extra Care Bucks and other coupons I got......I spent 1.10 and saved $30.00!  Go me.  I went to Publix - spent 76.41 and saved 46.61.  Target was fairly good, too.  Spent 18, saved 11. 

I think if I ever forgot my coupon binder, I'd have to leave everything in the store and go home and get it.  Yes, definately. 

Holy hell......

First things first.......Mary is fine.  However, "little Bessie" (the van) is not.  A car stopped fast and short in front of Mary and she whacked them.  Thankfully little Bessie did what she was supposed to do and sacrificed herself for Mary.  Long story short, we are down to one car once again.  Mary's fine; a bit bruised and stiff, but fine.  The car will be released to our insurance company so they can declare it totaled.  (hey, is that with one "L" or two?!)  If anyone has a spare car taking up some room, feel free to send it our way!  lol  What else can you do in this situation but be extremely glad that your child is fine and find lots of humor.  Laughter can get you through anything, right?  The police officer saw the car and told her she was extremely lucky to walk away.  I'd write more, but my mind is fried at the moment.

Who wants to come watch a comedy with us? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our new President

Okay, we all know I'm not the best at conveying what's going on in my little head.  Somewhere, the words get all jumbled up and come out sounding something like this.....blah blah blah blah bleh blah bluh bloh blugh.  :) 

I woke up this morning in awe of what transpired last night.  What an amazing night it was.  I can't believe the election was called as quickly as it was. Heck, they were just about to call Florida and bam - the whole thing was over!  We all just sat there, in stunned silence, wondering what the hell happened!  I ran to go wake up the girls (who just wouldn't budge) and then it hit me.  I stood there whispering to Hannah (in my lame attempts to wake her up) "Obama won! Hannah, Barack won!!" 

At no time during this whole election process did I give a rats ass what color he was.  Color is something we don't see in my house.  I didn't care if he was black, white, purple, pink, yellow, or blue.  What I cared about is what he brought to the table.  But whispering to Hannah last night "Barack won!", what an amazing time in our history.  I've always told my girls that they can be anything they want to be, as long as they work hard, study hard, play hard, and be honest, upstanding people.  Don't lie, don't cheat, and don't be an ass.  (Remember, I'm not the most eloquent of people!)  But now, now I can say it and really mean it.  My girls, all of my girls, can grow up and be whatever they want to be.  That was an amazing moment.

I watched Barack's speech from Grant Park last night and cried.  Cried for the people who were there crying tears of joy, crying for my girls, crying for a nation that will hopefully come together, and crying for those of us in this house that feel hope.  Hope that things can get better, that they will get better.  I told Alex that for years I felt like the last little puppy that didn't get picked and had to stay in a cage.  No one wanted me, no one cared.  All of us "puppies" just got left behind.  But last night - last night I felt that someone heard me, someone cared, and now we'll at least have hope.  Hope that some day we'll get out of this shit hole that we were lead into over the past 8 years. 

I'm not expecting a miracle come January.  I'm not expecting that things will turn around in a year or two or maybe even three.  But we'll get there.  We'll get there because now we have hope.  Hope that our new Commander in Chief won't leave us to fend for ourselves while he lines his pockets, and his friend's pockets, with tons of money, while more and more of us lose our jobs, our homes, and our hope.  Hope that we will all come together to work hard and rebuild what has been destroyed.  Hope is a wonderful thing that can pull people through to the other side.  I have hope.  And right now, that's a lot more than we've had in a long time. 

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  My oldest was accepted to UCF, and now we have a new President.  And hopefully now our tomorrows are a bit brighter.

So to end my less-than-eloquent update, here's a quote from Obama's speech last night.....

"America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so
much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves - if our children
should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky
to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What
progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer
that call. This is our moment. This is our time - to put our people
back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore
prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American Dream
and reaffirm that fundamental truth - that out of many, we are one;
that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and
doubt, and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that
timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people:

Yes We Can.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!

OMG. Yes, we did. :)

9:00 update

So far - Obama - 174
McCain - 49

There's hope. I am hopeful. The fat lady hasn't sung yet, so I'm waiting. But I'm waiting with hope.

Pour me a drink, please!

This election stuff is making me insane. I swear I'll be drunk by the time the night is over. Or just overloaded on Halloween candy. Either way, this is so nerve wracking! I hope you all got out to vote today.

And now for the good news..................drumroll please.....................................
MARY GOT ACCEPTED TO UCF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Mary! Go Mary! Go Mary!

I'm oh so freakin' excited for her. Uh oh, I'm feelin' a few more grey hairs sprouting. I'm really, really proud of her.

I'll update as the night goes on.....I hope it's all good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures, sewing, and general Monday night ramblings

I am the queen of rambling, aren't I?  I could go on and on about stuff if I had enough time to just sit here and didn't get interrupted every 2.5 seconds. 

Here are some pictures from Halloween.

Time to go Trick or Treating!!!

The houses by us just go nuts with the decorations.  Halloween rocks!

Hannah and Kali had been out walking for 2 hours before I took this picture!  Mary was at home with Jordan watching scary movies.  The little ones kept saying "is it time to go to sleep?!  We're tired!"  But don't they look so darn cute?!

Holy cow, I have finally sewed something again!!  Go me.  I finished these up earlier today.  Excuse the stuff stuck on the front of the shirt; I still need to get some stabilizer off.  These are pj's for Hannah.  Sure, it's a little, little kid print, but it's cute and she's still little.

She liked the giraffe.  I'm just glad my machine is working right again.  It was giving me issues after I had taken it in for servicing. 

Here's Kali's.  Yes, they look miniature next to Hannah's.  I swear Hannah grows every day. 

Here's Kali's elephant.  I'll try to get some pictures of them wearing them later on. 

Speaking of Kali, she's doing a wonderful job learning how to read.  We do one lesson a day and stop when she starts to lose interest.  Hannah was the same way (lost interest in about 10-15 minutes) and now reads books on at least a 4th grade level.  She's a book-reading fool. 

The rest of their schoolwork is going equally as well.  They both love math.  So much so, that Kali gets mad when there's no math on the weekends. 

Tomorrow is election day.  I hope you all get out there and vote, though I will hope that you all vote the way I voted!  I'm soooo nervous and wish that it was over and we knew the results. 

That should leave no question as to whom I want to win.  :) 

Alex and I took the girls to early voting on Saturday.  I'm glad they were able to go and I'm hoping that they'll remember that day, because no matter what the outcome, history will be made.  We'll be having chili for dinner tomorrow, served over rice.  I hear Obama likes his chili that way, so I'm hoping to send some good mojo his way with my chili.  ;)

I have yet another nasty migraine brewing, so I'm going to end my update for now, hit the couch, and hope for some relief. 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy All Hallows Eve everyone!! Hope y'all are going to enjoy this day as much as we are. Everyone is still sleeping, but they should be up soon. We're taking the day off of school today so we can do hair, have fun, and eat wayyyyy too much candy. The girls are insisting that they wear their costumes all day long. I'll be sure to take tons of pictures.

We have mummy dogs, caveman clubs, and something else (though I can't come up with anything else - help!) on the menu for tonight. Maybe we'll bake some cupcakes, too.

Okay, I did week 4/day 2 today. I had not run for the past two days because I had a horrid migraine. I figured today would just kick my butt, but I was happily mistaken. Here's the cliff notes on how it went:
Warm up - fine
3 Minute Run - surprisingly okay
90 second walk - oh so thankful for
5 minute run - thought I might fall out for a moment, but recovered nicely and finished all 5 minutes.
2.5 minute walk - again, quite thankful for
3 minute run - I thought "hey, this isn't so bad!" And I wasn't ready for him to say that the 3 minutes was up. Hmmmmmmm.
90 second walk - yay!
last 5 minute run - Here's where I was beginning to run out of steam. I was huffing and puffing like the wolf in the 3 Little Bears. I was running slower than I would walk. Hopefully no one saw me. And then my podcast guy said "hey, one minute left." So I ran faster. Not much faster, but hey, every little bit helps. And then I finished. The whole thing with a bit of energy left to get myself back to the van. ;)

I'll do it again on Sunday and see what happens.

Now, for those of you that make your own pizza, I've learned something fascinating. (or maybe y'all already know about it and I'm the last to learn) Normally I make my dough, roll it out, put my stuff on, and bake it in the oven. But I watched on my favorite channel (The Food Network) how to make your crust in a cast iron skillet and then finish it all off in the oven. Can I tell you that it's wonderful?!?!? OMG. I did that last night and I was really glad that I tried it. I'm afraid I'll be eating way too much pizza now that I did that.

Well, time to wake up the kids; they seem to be too comfortable in bed! Though I am enjoying a nice, peaceful cup of coffee while the house is quiet. Maybe I'll leave them there. Shhhhhh.......

Enjoy your Halloween/All Hallows Eve/Samhain/candy eating day/whatever. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Dia de los Muertos and talk about all of our family and friends who have gone on before us. Besides Christmas, this is my favorite time of year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunrise, kids, and other oddities

On Tuesday I decided to go out running in the morning again.  The program calls for every other day only, so I redid a day of week 3 on Tuesday.  I'm glad I went because today I have the migraine from hell and didn't make it to the park. 

Anyway, I brought my camera along with me so I could take a few pictures after I was done. 

The sun was just coming up when I finished.  The parking lot (there are 2) was fairly empty, too! 

Pretty, isn't it?

Here's the other side; there was no sun over there yet! 

And just for giggles, here's what it looked like down the street by my house when I got home a few minutes later.

Speaking of my house, here's a picture of it, too!

Well, at least it's part of it.  Even the house was sleeping.  :)

Here's my crazy hat girl.  "My hat, my hat, my funky, funky hat!"  I have no clue why I have a beach towel hanging up in my bathroom; odd!

She loves her hat, her hat, her funky, funky hat. 

We went to a Halloween "thing" (like how I know the technical names for stuff?!) at a park not too far from our house.  The kids had fun and happily stuffed their bags with candy. 

They had to play games for the candy, though. 

And yes, it was cold enough for our jackets.  Brrrrrrr.

Hannah and Kali both climbed to the top and rolled down.  :)  I want one of those for me!

You know those little, plastic googly eyes?  The kind that you use for crafts?  I have one stuck to my forehead right now and the girls are convinced that I can see with it.  It's fun to freak them out.  ;)  I told them I'm leaving it on all night so I can watch them while I sleep. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good week 4/day 2 update!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 4/Day 1

Hell.  Yes, I've slipped down into the 7th circle of hell (and why did I go past the other 6???).  First of all, let me mention that when I left the house this morning, I could see my breath.  Why is that odd, you ask?  Because it's October and I live in FLORIDA!  That is not supposed to happen yet.  Freaky.  So I put on my little jacket over my long sleeved t-shirt and warmed up the van.  Brrrrrrrr.  I was shivering.  Got to the park and debated on weather or not I should leave on said little jacket.  I left it on.  My face was frozen and probably bright red; not that you could see it though since it was pitch black outside still.

So I started up my iPod and got to my usual 5 minute fast-walking warmup.  And then he said it (my podcast guy) - welcome to week 4.  We'll be warming up for 5 minutes, running for 3 minutes/walk for 90 sec/run for 5 minutes(yikes!)/walk for 2.5 minutes/repeat the whole thing/cool down for 5 minutes.  And then I knew I was in trouble.  The first 3 minute run wasn't so bad (did I just say that?) but it was the 90 second walk that did me in; I needed more time.  Then the 5 minute run started - oh my god.  The first 3 minutes were okay, the last 2 minutes were hell.  And then I began to wonder why on earth I left that jacket on.  I was roasting.  Roasting, sweating, and gasping for air.  Where is that oxygen tank when I need it?! 

Thank goodness the 5 mintues ended and I had 2 1/2 minutes to walk (fast) and catch my breath!  But then the next 3 minute run came up and off I went.  I wanted to die.  I ended up only running about 2 1/2 minutes of it.  So I walked for the next 2 1/2 minutes thinking "how the hell am I going to run for 5!!!  The run started and off I went again, and then about 2 minutes into it, I stopped for about 10 seconds.  I realized I better get my ass moving because stopping is not an option.  I mean, really, if I were to keep stopping, how the heck would I ever get through it?!  I think I ran slower than I walked, but I kept going, hoping that no one would see me or they'd probably call 911.  THANK GOD THE 5 MINUTES ENDED!!!  I was oh-so very happy. 

For those of you that run on a regular basis, I envy you.  I've never, ever run (on purpose) for more than, oh, 1/2 a block.  You know, chasing kids, playing, etc.  So y'all just continue to giggle with me while I work through these weeks and build some lung power and stamina.  Now you know why I run in the dark; no one can see me!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 3/Day 3

Thankfully it wasn't raining this morning, so I headed off to the park around 6:30.  There was only one other car there when I pulled up; guess everyone else decided to wait until the sun came up! 

Thankfully there was no need to rush an oxygen tank to me or pick me up off the ground.  I'm thinking I might go back tomorrow morning for one last week 3 day before I start week 4, which I'm thinking might be completely hellacious and cause me to swear a lot.

Tomorrow we're taking the kids to see High School Musical 3.  Oh my.  While I don't mind watching the HSM movies at home, I can't escape the theater!!!  Thankfully there will be a bag of Good n' Plenty to keep me occupied.

The girls are really looking forward to Halloween next Friday.  I told them if they did all their school work for the week by Thursday that they could have Friday off and wear their costumes all day long.  Kali has now decided that she'll go Trick or Treating; hopefully she means it.  If not, I'm fully prepared to hang out here with her while Daddy goes out with Hannah.  Kali's looking forward to The Day of the Dead, too.  Anyone else out there celebrate?  I've been having some wild dreams this past week and am certain they'll just get more interesting as the week goes by.  I love this time of year.

Off to bake bread and hum HSM songs while I do it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Running, etc.

So today should have been week 3/day 3, but it was POURING at 6am and I wasn't about to go running in the pouring rain.  So I will go out tomorrow morning.  Week 3/day 2 was fine, so I'm hoping tomorrow goes a little easier for me.  I might do week 3 next week, too, and try to do it every day next week just to see what happens. 

I've got some new pictures, so here they are........

Mary was hosing down her sisters while they washed the van for her.  She kept blaming it on the wind. :)

Hannah and Kali were soaked.

Here's Hannah's 'evil eye' look.  Dang, she's good at it!  Besides the evil eye, I think it's a great picture.

Here's the batch of pasta I dried today.  It will be used next week.  Hey, you can see into my pantry!  See my cauldron, I mean dutch oven on the bottom?  I love that thing!

This is Bay & Sil.  :)

And this is Rose & Mary.  ;) 

See the fresh rosemary sticking out of the bread?  It was sooooooo good.

I made two loaves.  One will go into the freezer for next week. 

That's all for the pictures!  On Sunday we're taking the girls to see High School Musical 3."  They've been waiting oh so patiently for it to come out.  Even Mary and Jordan are coming with us.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 3 - Day 1

Holy hell.  Someone send me an extra set of lungs, please.  I made it all the way through the workout, but it was soooooooo not easy.  Of course, if it were easy, I wouldn't be on week 3, right?!  I'd just be out there doin' it.  Week three consists of run 90 seconds/walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes/walk 3 minutes, lather, rinse, and repeat.  For those of us that have never run on purpose, 3 minutes is like a lifetime.  But I did make it through and was quite pleased with myself.  Hopefully it will be a bit easier on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cooking Sunday

Phew, I'm exhausted!  I'm ready for a good nap, though I think going to bed early tonight sounds better. 

We (I) cooked alllllll dayyyyyyy long today.  Though I will say that Alex did a ton of dishes, and chopped a bunch of onions so I wouldn't have the "onion cry face."  Dang, that's love, right?  A man who will do the onion cry face so his wife doesn't have to.  He wins brownie points.  Plus, he took them to the park for a while and then they stopped for some ice cream.  More brownie points.

So here's what I made today:

1 big pot of chilli - split up into two batches for two dinners.
2 batches of rice (last night's dealie) split up into 6 bags.
1 pot of French onion soup - split up into two batches for two dinners
12 chicken breasts (my pressure cooker cooked them in 12 minutes).  6 shredded and 6 cubed.  All in 4 bags for 4 different dinners.
1 batch of beef/onion/pepper/etc taco filling for whatever I decide to do with it.
1 batch of pizza crust dough split up into 6 bags = 2 large pizzas and 4 mediums
2 loaves of bread - just the regular stuff, but we were out.
1 big thing of chicken broth from the 12 chicken breasts.
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Now don't ask what we're having tomorrow night because I haven't figured that out yet!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week 2.

Well, I finished week 2 of the Couch-to-5K 'thing.' I did an extra day this morning and was glad that I did, though I completely forgot to eat something before I left - oy. Not a smart move. My poor muscles had nothing to feed off except for whatever energy I had left. Anyway, I made it through the 2nd week and am looking forward to the beginning of week 3 (after Monday morning, I may regret saying that!).

Alex and I did our co-op pick up this morning and then went to Publix. Mary stayed home with her sisters - yay! Tonight I made two batches of brown rice, bagged 'em, and stuck 'em in the freezer. Oh my goodness, can I tell you how cheated I feel?! I've been making my rice on the stove and it was always, well, just not right. Someone said to bake it in the oven, so I gave it a shot. Holy hell. I've been missing out on awesome brown rice for years!!! Tomorrow Alex and I are going to cook a bunch of stuff, freeze it, and hope that it makes weekday dinners a bit less chaotic. I cook 99.9% of everything from scratch and that can be time consuming (if you're me and have all these little quirky issues). Add that to the homeschooling, house keeping, etc., etc., etc., and it was leaving me a bit drained. Hey, this could be fun!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Running

So this morning I started week 2 of the Couch-to-5K program.  Holy hell.  Is it possible to run with an oxygen tank?  Okay, so it wasn't THAT bad, but geeze louise!  I was soooo happy to come to the end of my last running segment; I nearly kissed the ground.  Of course, I was so exhausted that I could have just fallen over and then kissed the ground!  It felt good to get through it and I'm hoping that it will be just a tad bit easier on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alrighty, so I went out and did my weekly shopping today.  Can I still give another big 'shout out' to our 2nd fridge?  Thank goodness for it, or there would be no shopping, and more importantly, no food!  Hopefully Mr. Kitchen Fridge will be back up and running by Tuesday or Wednesday (y'all keep your fingers crossed.)

Anywhoooooo, I started at Target today.  Their receipts never give you a true savings amount, so I know I saved at least $10 more than it said.  I spent $24.94 and saved $17.53 (+another 10).  Not too shabby.

Then I headed off to Publix.  They had some great sales, and having my Grocery Game list makes it oh-so easy!  I got a few things to stock up the stockpile with, but nothing insane.  Anyway, I had a cart full of stuff.  Spent $109.56 and saved........$73.54.  Go me! 

Tomorrow Alex and I are going out for dinner.  We still have our anniversary cash (thanks mom and dad!) and figured we should probably use it before our next anniversary rolls around.  I have a few holiday things to pick up while we're out (sales are great this week on a few things on the list) and maybe we'll stop off at Hudson Beach.  Sounds like a plan!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, I really can't call what I do "running." It's more like trying not to look like a complete dork while attempting to move at a pace faster than walking. But since that's too long to type out, we'll just call it running.

I was back at the park around 6:50 this morning. I'm on the last day of the first week of the couch-to-5k program. I made it all the way through without turning blue and needing oxygen. That's a good thing. Monday I start week 2. Hopefully I'll make it through that without much swearing. I'm determined to do this. I realized that the only difference between me and someone who really can run a few miles is this - nothing. I just need to get off my ass and do it. And just like everything else in life that one wants, you have to be more than interested in it, you have to want it even though that it might not be easy. Losing weight wasn't easy, but I wasn't going to be fat anymore. Birthing an 11 pound baby without drugs or a 2x4 wasn't easy, but I wasn't taking any drugs. And homeschooling these girls isn't easy, oh helllllllll no, .........hey, maybe I'll take those drugs now and it will be easy!!!!

Gee, I'm rambling. What else is new, right?! It's what I do.

Alex brought me home two rosemary plants today. Since I haven't killed the basil yet, I figured I could give ol' rosemary a whirl. Lets hope she doesn't suffer at my hands.

Friday, October 10, 2008


It seems like it has taken me wayyy too long to update this.  Things are, as always, a bit hectic around here.

Kali finally lost that darn tooth of hers today.  It has been loose for quite a long time, but she wouldn't let anyone near it.  She would run out of the room screaming and crying if you even mentioned it.  Today she sat down with us this morning, and after trying to run out of the room on numerous occasions, finally relented when she realized it was nearly falling out on its own.  I was very proud of her.  :) 

Mary and I took a tour of UCF on Wednesday.  Oh my.  Can I go to college?  Seriously!  It was a beautiful campus with a great academic program.  I'm hoping she can get in there.  Please send all donations to cover tuition to our home address please.  Of course, on our way back we stopped off at our favorite place - Downtown Disney.  It was nice just to have the whole day with her; we don't get to do that very often.

I'm still enjoying the heck out of the Grocery Game.  I made a stop at Walgreens yesterday.  I bought nearly $29 worth of stuff and paid.......drumroll please.......10 cents.  Yes. 0.10  Gosh that was fun!  And speaking of food, our fridge is on the fritz.  Great.  Thank goodness for the fridge in our garage or we'd really be up a creek.  Alex now knows what ISN'T wrong with it, which means we're down to one or two things it could be.  Hopefully he'll have it fixed soon, because if I have to keep going out to the garage for everything, I may go nuts.  Of course, I should just shut up and be glad we have a fridge out there, right?

And what would an update be without a ton of pictures?  Nothing I tell you, it would be nothing.  So here they are.......

This is the closest thing we have to fall colors.  Those are brown, dried up leaves since it's been hot and dry here.  Hey, it's close!

Here's another shot.  This is right across the street from our house.

Hannah and Kali went to Home Depot with daddy last weekend and built boats.  Aren't they cute?  They're going to Lowe's tomorrow; I think they're building skeletons.

Cute, isn't she?!

And this is where I found her the other day.  Hannah was using our bathroom, and Kali, I guess, was still talking to her.  So she sat there, talking to her, while Hannah was using the bathroom.  Oh my.  No privacy for anyone around here!

I made a batch of strawberry jam last weekend.  Looks yummy, doesn't it?
And there's that crazy teenager of mine sitting on the couch, while her sisters have the bathroom door open to the lanai while they load their stuff up with water. 

That's it for now!  Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cracker Country!

Okay, so I've never been to Cracker Country.  Ever.  Wasn't quite sure that any of us would like it either.  But it was free (well, mostly) and we needed something to do.  Two of us got in free, the other two were only $11 total.  And we had a BLAST!  Kali wanted to move in.  It was really cool.  The kids learned a ton of things, as did Alex and I.  Kali asked better questions than most adults, and Hannah even got up close and personal with some bees without losing her mind.  Hey, progress is good!

Here are a bunch of pictures, as always.....

Here's the blacksmith's shop.  This is only 1 out of 2 buildings that were built on site.  The others are original buildings that were brought over to make the museum.  Each original building has a date on it and what part of Florida it came from.  Most were built in the late 1800's.

The "General Store" gift shop.  I loved this place!

I bought the neatest little $3.50 bread cookbook from there and made some yummy corn muffins to go with our dinner that night. 

Just a nice shot of some buildings.  :)

I could have sat under that tree all day.  Especially with a good book and a bottle of water (or two or three).

The girls were told they had to help out with the days' chores.  :)  At first they looked utterly confused, but then they realized it was all fun.  For a moment I thought Kali was going to whack Hannah instead of the rugs.

All the rugs are clean again!!

Watch out for the bees!!  There was a local honey farmer there and he was showing the girls how he collects the honey and then spins the honey off of the honeycombs.  I bought some really yummy orange blossom honey from him.  It will be great in the whole wheat bread that I make.

Kali had been munching on some rock sugar candy.  She missed some!

Chickens!  Alex and I would really love to raise some chickens for eggs.  One chicken will lay 300 eggs a year!

This guy told the girls a ton about chickens.  Did you know that a red ear lobed chicken lays brown eggs?  And a white ear lobed chicken lays.......white eggs?! 

The little school house.  So dang cute.

The girls thought this was pretty neat.  They loved the little slate boards.  I had to remind them that we have two of them at home.  :)

Think I can get a big desk like that?!  ;) 

Kali was helping this guy make butter.  It was yummy!!!  Lehman's sells a butter churn just like this, but it's a "tad" bit out of my price range.  It would be fun though.

Standing inside one of the houses.  There was a tiny, tiny bedroom off to the right, and that was it.  They cooked by the fire.  The couple that lived there had 3 boys - all in that little space.  Interesting. 

Time to wash the clothes!!  And they thought their chores were done. 

Wring 'em out, girls! 

We played "Drop the Hankie" by the post office.  There were about 10 more people that joined in the game and we were all laughing hysterically at the end. 

Time to do some weaving!  Hannah and Kali were both weaving for a bit.  Kali wanted to bring the weaving machine home with her.  Uh oh. 

The General Store.  I wish I could have taken home all those blue Ball canning jars and the cast iron cookware.  Think they'd miss it?!

Hanging out under the tree. 

Hanging out at the train station. 

This sweet man spent a ton of time with the girls.  They learned all about Morse Code and how messages were given to the trains as they went by. 

The girls had so much fun.  They want to go back NOW.  Like Kali, I was ready to move in.  There was a ton more that we saw that I never took pictures of.  Sorry!!  I was too busy studying all the stuff there and forgot to take pictures of it!  Next time.