Monday, May 3, 2010

What a fun weekend!

Jenine, Eugene, and the kids came over on Saturday.  The kids had no clue they were coming, either.  They thought they had just left Disney and were on their way home.  Jenine pretended to be lost and ended up in our driveway.  Fun! 

The kids were all happy to see each other again, and I was just happy to see everyone.  Jenine surprised me with a waffle maker.  :)  I think Hannah wanted me to make waffles for her right then and there.  She had to wait because I had other food simmering in the kitchen.

I half baked some pizza crusts so the kids could make their own pizzas.  I had a bunch of veggies, turkey sausage, and turkey pepperoni for them.  I made a big pot of chili and some cornbread for us old folk. 

Here’s a bunch of pictures for you…….


Hannah and Ally making pizza



She is so darn cute.  I just want to squeeze her!



Eating and playing.  Kids are good multi-taskers, aren’t they?!  ;) 


This is where we saw Brandon for most of the night.  He’s a video game junkie.  He was totally mesmerized, too.  I think the circus could have come walking through my living room and he wouldn’t have noticed at all.  I tried to get him to stay here with us, but he turned me down.


We had an early birthday celebration for Kali.  They brought her her absolute favorite things – Littlest Pet Shop stuff.   :)  Hey, look what’s on the menu for dinner! 



Ally kept trying to hide from me when I was taking pictures.  I had to get creative and sneak up on her.  She won in this picture!


It was my plan all along…….we stayed up so late talking, laughing, and watching the kids play, that it was too late for them to get back on the road.  Oh darn.  ;)  So when we finally peeled everyone off of the Wii, we all finally went to sleep!


Got up early the next morning, and Alex made omelets for everyone.  He is the omelet king.  Mine end up like scrambled eggs with stuff in them. 

I hated to see them leave, but they had to get home!  (Did they really?  I think they should have just stayed and moved to Florida.)  They loaded up the car, everyone said goodbye (Kali was crying), gave big hugs, and off they went.  :( 

Jenine and her family are as wonderful in person as I knew they would be.  I am thrilled that after 8 years, we finally got to meet, I’m glad we had lots of time to spend together, and I am happy and thankful to call her my friend.  I hope we get another chance to see each other and I hope it doesn’t take 8 more years!

Um, Jenine, where is my cart???  I seem to be missing some kitchen items!  I sure could use my cast iron skillet, too.  ;)  

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Jenine said...

Awwww! I loved all the pictures! We had soooo much fun with you and your family! Thank you for extending such wonderful hospitality (and coffee to keep me sane!) Thank you for the laughs, good food, and great company!!!!! I, too, hope we don't wait another 8 years!!!