Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you, Bessie.

You served us well.  You brought us to fun places, took us on our errands, and always made sure we got home safely.  We will miss you.


DSC08761 DSC08768 DSC08774 DSC08779 DSC08781

A really nice man came and bought Bessie today and drove off with her.  Hannah took these pictures as he was loading her up on the trailer.  She took up every inch of it; he even had to take off one of the side fenders to get her on there.

The driveway looks mighty empty now.  Hmmm….how am I going to untie my running shoes and stretch out in the morning?!?!  That’s what Bessie’s bumper was for.  ;) 

We are very much looking forward to seeing Hope on our driveway soon.  :) 

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Jenine said...

Bittersweet memories... you will miss her, I'm sure!