Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 more days!


Only ten days until our half marathon!  I can’t believe it.  I hope I have trained enough to get over the finish line a) alive and b) before the sweeper comes to get me. 

I did a nice 8 mile run this morning and will do 6 on Saturday.  Next week I’ll do a few 4 milers and end it on Friday.  Saturday I’ll just enjoy the day off and get ready for Sunday, when we have to wake up at 2am and leave here at 3am!  Crazy.  I wonder how good coffee will taste at 3am??  I’ll let you know.

I ordered a pair of waterproof ear buds with a mic on it so I can answer my phone during the race.  As slow as I am, it won’t be a problem (too much) to talk while I’m running.   Feel free to call me any time after 5am!  If I don’t answer, I have passed out on the course and am waiting for Mickey to come rescue me.

I will update more next week after packet pickup on Friday!!

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Nessa said...

Good Luck mama! The Cucinelli clan is rooting for you! You will do well, you've worked hard and you know you love every second of it! ;o) We are proud of you.