Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miscellany :)


Just a few miscellaneous ramblings from me while I watch the start of the Super Bowl.

I did my 2nd 13.2 mile run today.  Amazing.  I managed to shave off 4 minutes from my first 13.2 mile run and my legs feel much better tonight than the did the first time.  Go me!  I swear I have ADD, so doing anything for 3 hours straight takes lots of concentration.  Thank goodness for great podcasts and great music along with a fairly decent sunrise that was mainly hidden by rain clouds.  I’m glad I was able to accomplish that distance again and feel fairly ready for the big race in 3 weeks.  Three weeks!!!!  That was my last long run before the race, too.  Next week I’ll probably do ten, the weekend after – probably 6, and then 4 on the Friday before the race. 

I made my first vegan cake tonight.  It was awesome.  So awesome that I think Alex scarfed down half of it and the girls each had 2 pieces.  I had one piece and it was really yummy.  I also made snobby joes (the vegan version of sloppy joes) which were really good, too. 

I’m really glad we made the decision to cut out meat and dairy, and now it looks like we’ve cut out eggs, too.  I know I feel so much better, I never get that after dinner bloated gross feeling, my migraines are much shorter now, and weight is still coming off of me.  Kali has really improved, Hannah is glad we made the switch, and Alex seems to like all the new stuff I’m feeding him.  It’s all good!

We are hoping to see a Betty White commercial tonight, too.  Winking smile

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