Thursday, June 11, 2009


Mary had a job interview in Orlando yesterday, and asked me to ride along with her.  While we were driving, another place out there called her and asked her to come in, too!  Gee, my girl is popular.  :)  We switched off driving so she could call them back; they asked her to stop by that afternoon also.

I dropped her off at the college and headed off to Starbucks.  It was about 92 in the shade yesterday.  Someone tell me why I thought a hot cup of coffee was a good idea at the time?!  Mary's first interview was at a restaurant at the college.  Of course, they loved her and will be calling her by Friday.  We then headed over to the mall, and JCPenny's, where her next interview was.  You can't just transfer your job there, you have to go interview.  Plus, she was originally told by her boss that there were no available positions out at that store.  We gently told her not to believe the majority of stuff your told; people are just too dang lazy to do their jobs right and you have to find out for yourself.

Guess what?

My girl has a job at Penny's now, and maybe even a job at the restaurant!! GO MARY!!!!!!!

I had fun hanging out with her for the afternoon.  We stopped off at Tijuana Flats for dinner and then headed back home.  My baby will be moving out in 16 days.  :(  And, once again, while I am THRILLED for her, I am sad for me.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Someone hold me. 

I'm so glad she was able to get a job.  This will hopefully make things a whole lot easier for her.  Now she can pay her car insurance, her cell phone (well, we only have her pay for her unlimited texting and phone insurance, we pay the actual phone bill) and she can eat.  ;)

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Nessa said...

Well go MARY!! That's awesome! I am glad that everything is falling into place for her. It's meant to be.

Try not to be sad. She's only about an hour away and it will give you yet another reason to visit Orlando and Disney too!