Thursday, June 4, 2009

Orientation, Orlando, and Other things

Hey, that's a lot of O's.  *giggle* 

Mary's orientation went well.  She was overloaded with information, picked her classes, got her books for summer, and had a good time.  I think she's still digesting everything she learned.

The girls and I had fun at Pop Century.  We got fried in the sun, swam a lot, and had a really good time.  Here are some random pictures:

This was the view from our room.  Not too shabby!

Hmmmm.....she looks a little miffed!

This was Hannah's favorite thing - the cup.  The 'refill all you want while you're here' cup.  They don't get any soda unless we're out somewhere (which isn't often) so she went nuts with the Coke.  I think they're still detoxing. 

My little bed hog.

The pool are is awfully quiet early in the morning.  On Monday I went for a little run around 5:30 am.  It was so pretty out by the little lake behind the hotel. 

Here's part of the path by the lake.

It was already getting super hot in the morning.  I think it was about 9:30 here.

Hanging out by the pool.  :)

Lounging by the pool.

She is happiest when she has leaves, flowers, and other nature-made things. 

Twister anyone?

I had a phone like this at one time!

Time to cool off.

Thankfully they had Dole fruit bars that have no red food dye.  Kali would have been a wreck had she eaten what Hannah had.

More pool time!

I have no pictures of them in the pool since I was in the pool with them the whole time.  And thankfully there are no pictures of ME in the pool.  I'd hate to scare y'all.

And right before we ate dinner and left for home, some really cute little girl finally lost her tooth!  She was freaked out for about 10 seconds.  After that she was super proud of herself.  So was I.

I have no pictures of Mary since we rarely saw her.  :( 

We had a great time and Hannah wants to know how soon we can go back.  I wish we could go tomorrow; I'd be there in a heartbeat.

And now for other things.......

This is my blog, so I can say whatever the heck I want.  Please be forewarned that I'm going to vent here for a moment.  It's my vent, so if you don't want to 'hear' it, it's time to go off of this page then.


You have been warned.

For those 'friends' of mine that blow me off or only contact me when they need or want something.  KISS MY ASS.  And you all know who you are.  I no longer have the time, desire, or energy to give to you.  I am not here for you to get something out of, and I am not interested in wasting my time on you any longer.  If you need something, call someone else.  If you want to do something, call someone else.  I hate lame excuses and do not care to hear yours any longer. 

I am so freakin' tired of people who do not do what they say they are going to do.  Unfortunately, society as a whole has become accepting of this shit.  Like it's okay that Joe Blow says he'll be there at 2 and then never shows up, and the person waiting for Joe Blow just takes it.  Well screw that.  Y'all need to take responsibility for your actions, or inactions.  It's time to teach your children (you as a general you) that your word means something.  If your words (you, again as a general you, don't want y'all to get your panties in a wad) are so meaningless, what does that say about you?

So once again, I am done being a doormat and taken for granted. 

There.  'Nuf said.  And I was nicer than I wanted to be.  So there.

For those of you who truly are my friends, I love you all.  And y'all know who you are. 

Back to your regularly scheduled programming now..........

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