Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Gators!

Well, after nearly 5 days of being couch bound by an illness that had no name, (though I called it quite a few different things) I finally headed back outside.  I went with Alex and the girls to Gainesville for the yearly first game of the season get together/gathering/excuse to wear cute Gator clothes/hanging out with friends/event.  :)  I nearly didn't make it, but sucked it up and I'm glad I did. 

I ended up taking nearly 325 pictures.  Most of which were just a constant clicking while trying to get pictures of the players.  I promise I will not put all 325 up on here.  In fact, I think I will just tease you guys with one really good picture and put up a link to the photo album with the rest of them (there's about 100 in there). 

There you go.  :)  I cannot believe I was *thisclose* to Tim Tebow.  Damn.

Click on the "View All" button below to see the rest of the pictures.  And enjoy the random weird and silly faces from my kids.  Hannah showed me her eye roll; darn she does that well!

The rest of our weekend has been quiet - so far.  Unfortunately, I seem to have shared my germs with Kali and she is now miserable and sick.  Normally, we really don't interfere with fevers.  It's not that we don't love the girls, (I swear!) but your body kills off all the bad junk in it with a fever.  Fevers are meant to help you, unless they get dangerously high and then you need to do something about it.  But I realized we didn't have anything in the house just in case we needed to bring her fever down, so Alex went over to Walgreens.  It is not easy to find anything without dyes in it, especially at 11pm when the nearest health food store is closed.  Thankfully, Walgreens makes kid's ibuprofen without dyes.  Hopefully we won't need it, but at least we have it. 

I'll just feed her things full of garlic and onion and turn on the Disney channel.  Hmmm.....garlic necklace?!  :) 

(What happened to my format here?  My margins have been chopped in half.  Ack!)

Hope my link for the photo album works!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It was nice to see everyone in Gainesville again this year; hopefully next year we'll see you all again.  I did hear from Mary later on that night that the Knights won their game, too! 

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