Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures, get your pictures! Oh yeah, and I have to rant - what else is new?

We went to the museum on Tuesday for their homeschool open house. That just means a free museum day to us! It was, of course, crowded, but we had a great time.

Kali thought these dinosaur bones were awesome. She loves dinosaurs.

In the natural disaster section. Hannah liked the car that was all dented from hail.

Over in the kids zone area. Hannah was making faces. Hmm....what else is new?!

Kali was making block bridges. Notice the "I'm not happy" look on her face? I kept wondering about this all day. I think I finally have it figured out, but I'll talk about that in a bit. I promise she's normally a happy girl! Well, unless you're irritating the snot out of her.

We went over to the butterfly garden. Hannah thought they were all going to land on her. ;)

We had a great day at the museum, ate lunch outside before we started to melt, and played a bit more. I do believe that the aquarium is having a homeschool open house next month. Yay!

On Wednesday we went over to Orlando to see Mary. :)

Look! All I could get were their legs!! Her bed is sooooo high off the ground. Of course, the girls loved that and wanted to stay up there the whole time.

Oh gosh, whose children are these?!?!?!? I hope they don't do that stuff out in public. ;)

We had fun, brought Mary some chili for her freezer, hung out in her dorm room for a bit, and then went out to eat. Typical starving college student was desperate for mama to take her out. Hopefully we'll see her again soon.

Speaking of food, I made some pasta yesterday.....

It was yummy.

I made some chicken stock, too.

It's hanging out in the freezer now. It was yummy, too.

Now, back to my sad Kali face. I love cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Goat cheese, cheddar cheese, any cheese. Give me cheese. Kali likes cheddar cheese, lots and lots of cheddar cheese. I made chili - lots of cheddar on top. I make grilled cheese - lots of cheddar. I made quesadillas - lots and lots of cheddar. When I took all the girls out on Wedneday, Kali had a grilled cheese. Yesterday she cried for 1/2 the day. Hmmmmm..... Hannah said "um, mom, what makes the cheese orange?!" OMG. So I fly over to the computer (well, more like walked fairly quickly) and looked up cheddar cheese on every site I can. Annatto makes cheese orange. It's natural, right?! Yep. However, annatto, though freakin' natural, causes reactions just like artificial dyes do. Crap. So now I have a child who cannot have ANY artificial dyes and now no annatto!!! And why does cheese need to be yellow anyways? Poor Kali. I apologized profusely to my poor girl and promised I'd buy her annatto-free cheese from now on. What's next for the girl?!?! Hopefully I have found the majority of things that she reacts to. She's much happier this morning already. I am making a stromboli for them later, but it will have mozzarella cheese in it and that's not yellow!

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