Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside!!!!

If you don’t think it gets cold down here, think again.  I got back from my run this morning (almost 5 1/2 miles) and snapped a few pictures before I defrosted myself.


There was frost on my grass. 


And check out my van window.  Brrrr!!  Yes, my van is still dead.  :(  I hope to have that remedied today when the new computer comes in for it.  Alex will hopefully install it at some point today, and cross your fingers and toes that it fixes the issues. 



Dang, check out that ice!



Mary’s van. 


My crunchy lawn.


I did this on my van.  :)  Seriously, we are frozen!  According to our weatherman, it was 24 in Brooksville and 34 in Spring Hill.  There’s no way it was 34 at 6:00 this morning.  Brooksville is too damn close for us to be 10 degrees warmer.  I wore a heavier sweatshirt for my run and was colder than I was the other day while wearing a lighter sweatshirt.  My ears still hurt.  So I’m claiming that it was 24 here, too.  According to my computer, it’s only 20 right now.  I tend to believe it. 


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