Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!


My 2nd baby is 9 today.  NINE!  She has nicely let me know that she’s now a ‘tween.’  OMG.  Like I couldn’t tell by the attitude that has been oozing out of her lately, right?!  ;) 

Really, can it be 9 years since I first held her?  My little 9lb 1oz gorgeous bundle of love is now a 5’1”, size 10 shoe wearing, nine year old.  Where did the last 9 years go?


I took this at Wiregrass when we went there last Friday. 


This was back in December when my parents were down here. 

mom and her girls


She has almost the exact personality that Mary has.  Sometimes I think they are the same person.  ;)  She’s funny, sweet, and stubborn as hell.  She’s super smart, wickedly quick, and I know if I ever need something I can count on her.  She knows exactly where my last nerve is and leaves me shaking my head sometimes multiple times a day. 

I love her immensely.  The world just wouldn’t be the same without her. 

She got the usual birthday cinnamon rolls this morning and tonight she wants me to make General Tso’s chicken for her.  We’ll have cupcakes tonight and cake tomorrow when Mary gets here.  I’ve also given her the day off of school work.  I figured I could be nice today.  ;) 


I love you, Hannah! 

Happy Birthday

to my ultra-fabulous 9 year old


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