Sunday, April 11, 2010


My neighbor is out of town until Thursday and left us her car to use.  :)  Thank you, Dot!  We took the girls to the beach on Saturday to play and have lunch. 


The girls promptly found the swing.  :)  They were there for quite some time just enjoying the fabulous weather.



It was such a beautiful day!



I could have sat here all day long. 



But then I thought I could sit on this boat all day long.  Think they would have minded me jumping aboard?


Kali said I have to make more of these dresses for her.  She is not fond of short right now.


I think her fingers are permanently attached to her mouth.  :) 


My girls are just too dang cute.




I was trying to get a picture of the red highlights in Hannah’s hair.


She was using me as a back rest. 


After we left the beach, we went to get Kali some new shoes.  She picked these and decided one needed a pink shoelace and the other one needed a white one (they both came with two).  Then she put on one light pink sock and one dark pink sock.  There’s the famous polka-dot dress that should really be retired soon.  She wears it every chance she gets.


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