Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! 

The Easter Bunny was nice and left tons of chocolate for the girls.  :)  So far, they haven’t eaten any of it, but I’m sure they’ll be on a sugar high this afternoon.  Oh wait, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast; that’s sugar high enough, isn’t it?  I’ve decided that calories don’t count today, so the cinnamon roll I had for breakfast just cannot possibly end up on my thighs.


Kali searching for eggs.


We could not find the baskets anywhere.  Hmmm…maybe next year I’ll make some.


I made wayyyyyyy too much glaze for the cinnamon rolls.  Oh darn.  ;) 


Yes, they are as good as they look.  Maybe better.  :)  And if you want some, you have to show up here on a birthday or holiday because that’s the only time I make them. 


There’s enough left over for tomorrow, too. 

Later on I’ll make some egg salad sandwiches for lunch (gotta use up all those dyed eggs!) and tonight I’m making some grilled chicken salads.  The weather has been fantastic lately so we’ll eat outside again. 

I miss my Mary today.  :(  She has to work at Universal and make people cry on the roller coaster.  lol  Hopefully we’ll see her soon!  Maybe her sisters will save some chocolate for her since she called them this morning.  Hey, call my girls and ask for chocolate, they love when people call them so maybe they’ll save you some, too!


Jenine said...

Oh my ~ how fun! And what's with kids not eating their Easter candies? My kids haven't even touched theirs yet?!?!? Me at their age... I pigged out on them! LOL! And the cinnamon rolls... oohhh to die for! What about if a family travels from out of state... would it be considered a holiday to have cinnamon rolls? LOL!

Happy Easter to all of you!

Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Yes. For a family traveling from out of state, that is definitely considered a holiday!!