Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school! First day of school!

For those of you that have kids and watch Disney movies, what movie is the title line from?

I’m not sure I was prepared enough for starting a new school year, but oh well!  I’ll get more organized as the days go by and I’m sure no harm will come to the girls over it.  Hannah would be especially happy if I had no clue where the dictionary was; I think that book makes her eyes twitch.

We’re starting at 9:00 this year.  We have more work to do and I want more time to play and go do stuff.  I had to wake up my late-sleepers at 7:30 and they were not happy with me at all.  I should have gotten a picture of them then, it was not a pretty sight.

Someone was trying to get back in bed!  Noooooooo!!!!  Get out of bed, Kali!



I stuck some postcards in their mailbox.  Kali’s said “Welcome to 2nd grade!”  She thinks I’m cheesy.  I am.


See how cheesy I am?!  It was a fun way to start the day.



I am good about keeping fairly detailed records just incase I need to show someone that we’re not just sitting here picking our noses. 



Well, it wasn’t rough, but who can pass up Mickey?!



The girls did their math, grammar, writing, and then we sat outside to start history.  They LOVE history.  Why is the little child on the big chair and the big child on the little chair?!?  Maybe Hannah is wondering the same thing.



I do believe Story of the World only goes up to Volume 4.  OMG.  What are we going to do after that!?!?!  We all love Story of the World – the book, the student pages, the extra reading suggestions, and all the other stuff it has.


The girls ended the school day by playing a game.  It’s more for Kali, but Hannah likes to drive her crazy with it.  I figure it’s a win-win.  See all that stuff next to Hannah??  Alex brought it back from the house the other day.  NO MORE STUFFFFFFFF!  It has since found a home here, but I swear I have no more room! 


Today was equally as fun.  Hannah wants to learn Spanish, so I’m going to have her use Rosetta Stone (I had used it with Mary).  She’s excited about it; hopefully she’ll stay excited about it after she starts it tomorrow!

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