Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My day with Hannah

This past Saturday, Hannah and I spent the day at the Magic Kingdom.  Why Hannah and not Kali or both??  Hannah finally decided to listen to me and she learned how to swim!  When she realized that she was swimming by herself, she started crying.  Awwwwww.  I had won two tickets back in February that were burning a hole in my wallet, so I figured that this was a great reason to go and celebrate.  Kali was just happy that her sister got to go – seriously.  I’ve never met a more unselfish child in my life.  Well, unless you try to take her fruit nuggets from her, then she might bite you.

Here’s a ton of pictures from our most fun day!



Do you know that I have never seen any of the parks decorated for fall?!  This was cool to finally see.

DSC09787 DSC09788

Hannah had never been on Space Mountain.  She loved it.  :)  We went on it 3 times that day.


I kicked her butt on Buzz Lightyear – 3 times. 


She is not allowed to get her license until she’s 18.


We did that 3 times, too!  The thought it was great that she could drive something. 



She loved Thunder Mountain, too.  We did that twice. 




We went on Pirates of the Caribbean.  :)

DSC09832 DSC09842 DSC09844 DSC09847

At the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor.  We laughed.  A lot.



Sitting in Minnie’s house.

DSC09855 DSC09856

I want to try out her machine!  ;)

DSC09861 DSC09874

Mickey’s house is messy!  Dude, clean up. 

DSC09876 DSC09883

She really liked the Haunted Mansion, too.

DSC09886 DSC09887 DSC09889 DSC09898

We took a ride on the train.  I don’t think I’ve been on that train since Mary was little!

DSC09901 DSC09907

We watched the fire works, then sat down to watch the 2nd parade of the night. 

   DSC09959 DSC09960 DSC09963

Sure, Spectro Magic is great, but the Main Street Electrical Parade makes me feel 10 again.  :)  I love this parade! 

DSC09980 DSC00035DSC00049

The park closed at midnight, and we stayed until just before the end.  We rode a bunch of other rides that I didn’t get pictures of, had some awesome pineapple floats, lunch and dinner were great, and we hit up the candy store.  Fifteen hour of Magic Kingdom magic with my most favorite 9 year old in the world.  I’m so glad she had a great time and I’m so glad she learned how to swim. 


wanda said...

when grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize..... they even still play that or is it too old school?

Nessa said...

Wow! Looked like a beautiful day to spend at Disney too! I'm glaad you had a great day! ;o)