Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food update


There is no more cheese in the house.  There are still 4 chicken breasts in the freezer that will probably go home with someone.  I have no desire to make them.

I am pouring over vegan and vegetarian books from the library and filling up my Plan to Eat site with tons of recipes.  Baked tofu ROCKS.  We’re trying out some various things that we find at Publix, Target, or Whole Foods.  Tofurkey italian sausage is a big fail, but Gardein ‘chicken’ nuggets are really yummy! 

I like that our veggies aren’t an afterthought, that we’re not eating stuff loaded with unhealthy stuff, and that eating healthy should keep us happy and healthy for a very long time. 

Today I made a huge pot of black, cannellini, and red beans in a super yummy chili sauce with diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.  I served those over some elbow macaroni and topped it with Tofutti sour cream.  The kids inhaled it.  Yay!  I think the leftovers will end up in a roasted butternut squash tomorrow. 


Nessa said...

Yummy mama!!! I have a vegan cookbook for you! I'll bring it over in a couple of weeks!


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Awesome! That would be wonderful. Thanks. :)