Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I learned in 2010


Here’s a list of the things I learned in 2010 – in no particular order.  Winking smile 

1.  My kids are awesome.

2.  My husband is awesome.

3.  You can never have too much packing tape.

4.  You can never have too many boxes.

5.  Running brings me sanity.

6.  Giving up meat and dairy was a great decision.

7.  I hate migraines.

8.  Homeschooling rocks.

9.  The glass is half full, even when there’s only a drop left.

10.  Being without a car for 6 months is not a fun thing.

11.  I will never, ever take having a vehicle for granted again.

12.  I will never, ever take the roof over my head for granted again.

13.  Homeschooling can make me crazy some days.

14.  You can never have too many friends to help you pack said boxes with said tape.  ♥

15.  The Winter Park farmer’s market is da bomb!

16.  Disney makes me feel like a kid.

17.  Hummus makes me happy.

18.  I don’t miss having cable.

19.  I do miss having a dvr.

20.  Less is more.

21.  I love cooking.

22.  I love baking.

23.  I love my family.

24.  I love my friends.

25.  I need to be more organized.

26.  I will always homeschool my girls – until they go off to college.  Well, at least that’s what they said and I agree with them. 

27.  I wish I had a magic wand.

28.  My grey hairs are multiplying at a really fast rate.  Damn.

29.  I need to blog more.

30.  I like Hannah’s new v(egg)an word.  She rocks.


Okay, I’ve learned more than 30 things, but my brain cells are fried right now.  Smile with tongue out

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