Saturday, May 30, 2009

And now, the end is near.............

I'll tell you, never before at any point of my life have I felt as old as I do now.  Here's why..........

Mary is now a college student and will be at UCF starting June 27th.

Hannah and Kali are both done with school so I now have one in 3rd grade and one in 1st grade! 

And now you know why I feel so old.  Hopefully I don't look as old as I feel.

Hannah's yearly evaluation went wonderfully.  She is, of course, super smart and really funny.  Her book list was long this year; she reads on a 5th - 6th grade level.  Not too bad for someone who's only 8.  She said that her favorite subject this year was history.  I thought it would have been math. 

Kali will start her yearly evaluations next year.  I don't have to report her as a homeschool student until the age of 6, so I will send in her letter of intent next month.  I'll tell you, I'm really thankful that I homeschool her.  She's extremely intelligent.  She also has the attention span of a flea.  She knows more than she'll admit to, because she's also shy and hates any form of attention.  We've delt well with her issues (whatever they may be) and after lots of trial and error, have come to realize that she's allergic to food dyes.  Just eliminating food dyes have made a huge improvement for her.  Anyway, what I'm eventually getting to here, is while she's super smart, overly intelligent, etc., etc., that wouldn't matter since she has zero attention span, and has anxiety issues.  Phew.  That was a mouthful. 

We're taking the month of June off, and then we're back to the books in July.  I figured since it's way too hot to do much during the summer anyways, we might as well learn!  And then when it's cool (like November-ish) we can start taking a bunch of time off then. 

Mary has orientation at UCF starting tomorrow night until Tuesday.  I cannot, cannot, can not believe my BABY is moving to Orlando to go to UCF.  Sigh.  How I will miss her.  Even though I don't see her often now, just knowing that there won't be a whole lot of lunches on the couch with her anymore makes me sad.  I will never win parent of the year award, and I have done many things (as a parent) that I regret, and in spite of all of that, she has managed to become a great teenager.  I love her immensly and am oh-so very proud of her.  Ahhhhh....double sigh. 

I'm rambling aimlessly here.  My thoughts seem to be scattered like the wind lately.  Maybe it comes with age?  Maybe I need more coffee?  Booze?  Bring it on! 

The girls are looking forward to Mary's orientation.  Yep.  Since it's out in Orlando and we get great Florida Resident deals at Disney, we're staying at Pop Century.  They just want to swim.  Can't blame them since it's going to be in the 90's all weekend.  I've got muffins baked, bread baked, and another loaf rising on the counter.  We try to bring nearly all of our food, though I did promise them dinner out on Monday night.  We'll probably just eat at the food court at the hotel. 

Time to end this update for now.  I need to make yet another batch of bread; probably some subway-type stuff for our sandwiches tomorrow, pack our clothes, and eat lunch!

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Nessa said...

Hey mama! Sorry I could no escape and play hookie with you yesterday! Hope you had a great time with the girls poolside. Hope all went well with Mary.

We are all proud of her!!!! Is there anything we can get for her as a congrats gift to help out with her move to college?