Saturday, March 6, 2010

Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day.

I’ll do anything for Disney.  Anything.  Really, all they’d have to do is call me and ask me to help out, and I’d find a way.  :)  I am a Disney freak.  So when we saw late last year that Disney was going to do a give a (volunteer) day, get a (Disney) day program, I was psyched.

Then the van died.

And it stayed dead.

And I had to cancel our volunteer day since we couldn’t get there!

Then, after talking to a friend and doing some more searching on Disney’s volunteer site, I found something we could still do…….make pillowcases for children with cancer.  Perfect.  I can sew, I knew the kids could help, and I figured if I needed an extra hand, I’d yell for Alex.  ;) 

I signed up with ConKerr Cancer for our volunteering.  We had to make 5 pillowcases per volunteer, and since I signed us all up, we were going to make 25 pillowcases. 

Thankfully, I had the majority of the fabric already, and only needed to get a few spare yards to finish up some. 

Hannah and Kali had a ball learning how to use my sewing machine.  Kali couldn’t reach the pedal, so I had her sit on my lap and I did the pedal for her.  It was so cute.  Hannah really enjoyed it, and by the end was running my machine like a pro.  She was even helping me iron, too.









After they were done, I washed them and then ironed them. 

DSC00076 DSC00082 DSC00086  DSC00096 DSC00104 DSC00106 DSC00119 DSC00120 DSC00151 DSC00154

They are now individually bagged and waiting to be boxed up.  I have to get a large flat-rate box since there are too many for the medium ones I have here.  We all had a wonderful time making them and hope that they put some smiles on the children’s faces. 

The girls want pillowcases now, too.  Not sure I have any fabric left!  I’m sure I’ll come up with something for them, right?  Hannah said she wants to keep on sewing.  Maybe I’ll teach her to do more than sew a straight line!

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