Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mindless fluff

On a parenting message board that I belong to, there’s a “list ten things about yourself” post. 

Ten is not enough.  Not that I’m some fantastic human being, but because I have too many quirks.

I will list my million here, and y’all will be kind and leave a comment with your 10 or more. 


1. I'm 5'10" - short compared to my 6'8" dh!

2. I never thought I'd have more than 1 child.

3. I really want to travel - a lot.

4. I have not had a working vehicle since the middle of December.

5. I thought homeschooling was only for crazy people! Hmmm...I might be crazy then!

6. I cannot stand fake people or liars. No room in my life for that.

7. I cannot keep plants alive. I try, oh how I try, and I keep killing them.

8. My youngest has some undiagnosed "issues." However, if I could clone her and have 10 more, I would. I tell her if everyone in the world had her heart, there would be no more war.
9. I love to cook. I'm making dinner for a bunch of friends Friday night.

10. If Disney would let me, I'd live there and work for them for free. Come on, Mickey, give a girl a chance!

11.  I hate making phone calls.

12.  Bent paper makes me twitch.  And I have to have more than one piece to write on – like it needs to be stacked neatly, not bent, and have at least 2 or more pieces.  :) 

13.  I love to run.  In the dark.  Alone.  With my iPod.  :)

14.  I am a total homebody.

15.  I am a glass half full/eternal optimist kind of girl.  Better to look on the bright side than be constantly complaining, right?!

16.  Streak-free windows are not something I can manage to do. 

Oh there’s more, but this could take all day!  Your turn!

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Nessa said...

Here goes...

1. I thought I would "feel" more adult when I became one.

2. My husband really is my best friend.

3. I still feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

4. I never imagined having children, and now know what true love is.

5. I think about cooking all day long. Even when I'm at work - which involves no cooking.

6. I'm lazy when it involves myself.

7. I'm a girl that loves a good full flavored beer...or two.

8. I want my kids to see the world.

9. I only make close friends with females that tell me straight out the truth. The ones I trust would tell me I look like shit in that dress.

10. I really have a hard time understanding people most times. Those that liter, those that hurt others, those that remain closed minded. I could go on.

11. Leads me to having an inner battle to let things be and see the rainbow and not the clouds. I tend to be disgruntled or initially pesimistic.

12. I like to look at nice cars, nice shoes and nice clothes. I can't always buy them, but hell I can still look!

13. Somestimes just wants to go fishing or do a little painting. A little quiet excitment.

14. I like to learn and experience new things. Even though at first, I might be a little scared.