Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One day you’re in, the next day….you’re out.


I’m talking about calories here.  Why, oh why, do they have to be the reason I gain weight?!  ;)  Maybe I should stop shoving food in my mouth, huh?

1 pound = 3,500 calories.  Can’t the calorie fairy make it, oh, more than that?

I’m back to tracking my calories on SparkPeople.  I really need to drop another 20 pounds, and I need to figure out where my calories are going.  Can we say…, milk, and sugar?!  So by calculations I should be eating around 1,800 calories a day and burning a total of 500 calories a day more than I’m eating which will give a 1 pound a week loss.  That’s doable, right?

Thankfully, running kills off about 100 calories per mile.  I ran 4 miles this morning.  :)  I figure the more I run, the more I’ll lose.  The more I lose, the more I’ll run!  What a concept, right?!  I am just tired of attempting to run with all this extra weight floppin’ around on me.  Do they make a sports bra for your butt?!  No, really, I’m serious.

Tracking calories is a tedious, PITA thing to do.  But it’s a necessary evil.  Also, it makes me realize that I need to up my protein intake.  That, in turn, will improve my running, too.  It also makes me realize that I consume wayyyyy too many carbs.  Damn.  I love my carbs.  I refuse to give them up, but I will cut down on them.

I had a really nice 4 mile run this morning.  Well, the first mile was hell.  Why is the first mile always my worst?  My legs are usually begging me to turn around and go back home.  And then there’s the whole “I need a sports bra for my butt” thing.  Mile 2 was better.  Mile 3 was even better.  On mile 4 I decided to put it into high gear; running fast can’t kill me, right?!  I took about 2 minutes off my mile pace time, and at one point in that mile, had taken it down 4 minutes.  By the end of that last mile, I was 2 minutes ahead of my pace, totally out of breath, and thrilled.  I love that feeling. 

Remind me of that when my alarm goes off in the morning, okay?

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Nessa said...

I think you are on the right track!

Remember that leafy greens and other vegetables provide plenty of protein, calcium and fiber without all the calories! kale, collards, turnip greens, lettuces, rocket, herbs etc.

I read in this one book that you can eat a pound of raw leafy vegetables (tossed salad) and you won't be able to finish it, but you'll only be consuming a fraction of the calories. I'll bring over that book.

My problem is that I don't move my flappy ass. Something else I need to make time for. My war with time!

You go girl! Keep it up! ;o)