Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just another ordinary day.


I thought I’d take some pictures today, and since I took them, I have to share them!


We learned about fractions today.  It resulted in some yummy french bread loaves.  Dang, Kali, you need your hair fixed!!!  See that bowl?  That was my grandma’s bowl.  I have 3 of them that I am oh-so happy to have. 



After nearly 3 hours of rising (and a few dough beat downs in between) they finally made it to the loaf pan (thanks, mom!).



After some baking, they looked like this. 



They were delicious.  :)  I say were because I made some yummy subs tonight. 



Hannah told me that I have not made deviled eggs and she wanted some.  Well, here they are.  Kali could have lived with me never making these.  :)  Hannah loved them.  I inhaled, um, too many of them.



A very strange drawing.  We do this silly thing where we each draw one thing and then pass it off to the next person.  It all started with the purple eyes on this picture.  It’s pretty funny to see it evolve.


We are making pillow cases for our Disney Give a Day, Get a Day volunteer project.  Here are three that we just finished.  They need to be washed and ironed yet.  Four more are nearly done.  Only 18 more to go!  And since this is a team effort of here, I did something I didn’t think I’d do…..



Yep.  I let them use my sewing machine.  However, I put the speed down as low as possible so they wouldn’t sew through their fingers.  I had already run them through the serger (the cases, not their fingers!) but wanted to do a reinforcing stitch around the whole thing. 



Even Kali got in on the action.


Now I just have to start ironing some more fabric!


Hope you enjoyed our pictures.  I’m going to go sit down and watch more of the Olympics now.


Nessa said...

Wow!! That bread looked delicious mama!! Just like Artisan bread from a French bakery. Please post that recipe on plantoeat!!

So cool that the girls are learning to sew! One day you might have your own little operation going! ;o)

Jenine said...

Oh my, the bread... drool... that would really go well with bruschetta! Say, aren't tomatoes in season in Florida now? LOL! And the pillowcases are so beautiful! The children will adore them, that's for sure! Your girls are too cute for words!

Jenine said...

And by the way, Eugene asks what an iron is for? Can you tell we don't even own one? :-x