Wednesday, February 3, 2010



First of all, I just got done watching this video and now I need a nap.  OMG.  I need to do this, yet I’m afraid I’ll do one rep and fall apart.  Hmm……that sounds like a challenge.  Think I might give this a try tomorrow or Friday.  If no one hears from me in a few days, I may be stuck on my floor.

I promise I’m still running!  I just keep forgetting to blog about it.  My total miles for January were just under 54.  I was hoping for a bit more, but I won’t complain about what I did.  What I’m really hoping for is more improvement on my time rather than more miles.  However, I need to put in more miles to get an improvement on my time!  Maybe I just need someone to dangle, oh, a large pizza in front of me and I will run really fast after it! 

Mary and I are running the ESPN 5K at Disney at the end of the month.  I’m so excited!  :)  Hopefully this time there will be a good picture of me and not one that makes me want to run and hide.

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