Friday, February 19, 2010

Yet another ordinary day.

I have no clever title.  We’re just boring around here lately.  ;)


The other morning I went to wake the girls up and this is what I saw:


How cute is that?!?!  Yes, Hannah usually sleeps with a bed full of stuff – books, notebooks, pens.  She’s constantly writing stuff down and reading.  Guess she needs to do that while she’s sleeping, too.  ;)  Kali woke up and instead of coming by us, just crawled in bed with Hannah. 


They were IM’g their friend Allyson here.  Hi Allyson!!!!  Watching their converstaion was hysterical at times.  Gee, maybe I ought to clean off that table. 



Sigh.  Just look at those eyes. 



A loaf of multi-grain bread.  This stuff is awesome!  Hannah said it’s her favorite bread.



Making dhal.  OMG, where I have been and why, oh why, did I not make this sooner!?  I think I’m going to go move in with my friend Jenine now so she can make this for me all.the.time. 



Baked brown rice.  For those of you that have never baked your brown rice, you don’t know what you’re missing!!



Browning some garlic to add in the dhal.  With all the garlic that was in there, I will never be sick again!  I love garlic. ♥


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Jenine said...

You should see my kids' beds too... covered with Webkinz, books, papers, and a missing sock here and there. It's scary! LOL! Awww, I gotta show the kids the pictures! Look at Kali's face, she doesn't have a baby face anymore, sniff sniff, I noticed it's getting longer! Both girls are just so beautiful! :) Love how they help you in the kitchen making those, oh, so delicious food! *drool*