Saturday, January 15, 2011

My taste buds are very happy tonight.


Alex decided we needed to go out to dinner tonight (could be because I might be “slightly” pms-y?!) so we all piled in the family truckster and went to try out a new restaurant. 


We went to a new (to us) vegan restaurant called Ethos.  First, I will say how great it was to order anything we wanted off the menu without having to worry what was in it.  I ordered a pizza with spinach, sausage, and onions.  The girls ordered a pizza, too.  Hannah’s half had pepperoni and broccoli, Kali’s half had chicken, roasted red peppers, and ham.  Alex got a philly cheesesteak sandwich.  Kali was a bit freaked at first and had to double check that the ham and other stuff was really not ham!  Funny. 

The food was excellent.  Seriously excellent.  My normally quiet husband kept saying “This is ridiculous!”  It was ridiculously good.  So were the cookies and cake we got when we were done inhaling our food.

Yummy vegan food, lots of laughs, and mama didn’t have to cook!

If you live in the area down here, go check out Ethos.  If you don’t live in the area but are coming down this way, make a pit-stop over there.  It’s well worth your time.

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