Saturday, January 1, 2011

Food, fun, and ……..


Fruit?  Fireworks?  Freaky kids?  Winking smile

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration.  We ate our way through the end of 2010 and into 2011.  I had a serious sugar high going on and then I nearly slept until 10:00 this morning.  Oy!

Alex had to go to Whole Foods last night and he got me the most awesome vegan peanut butter smores from Sweet & Sara.  OMG.  Seriously.  Go get some of those for yourself.  You most certainly won’t regret it.  Sweet & Sara products 

Then, while he was making some rice crispy treats with marshmallow fluff (has no gelatin – yay!) I had taken some pie crust dough I had in the freezer, defrosted it, and did this with it:

I filled half of them with some homemade apple butter, and the other half with some raspberry jam.  Then I did an egg wash on top and sprinkled them with some coarse sugar in the raw.  Mmmmmmm. 




Yes, they really were very, very good.

Tonight I made some tofu fried rice.  Totally made my taste buds happy.


I think I’ve rolled my way into the new year.  Alex took some of the leftover brown rice and just made me a small bowl of rice pudding.  OMG.  I am going to have to walk my 12 mile run tomorrow.  This holiday eating binge has to end! 

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