Saturday, September 13, 2008

School Stuff First

Okay, first a school update. While our first week, and especially our first day, was extremely trying, things are going very well now. I'm learning to work around Kali's quirks and deal with Hannah's 'tude. And oh what 'tude my girl has!! But that a whole different story.

Kali decided yesterday that she was going to make her name out of clay. I have the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for her, and part of it uses clay.

She had lots of fun doing this, though she wouldn't smile for me since the flash was on. Goofy girl.

For history, we're doing Story of the World. The girls learned about cuneiform writing last week, so we did our own clay tablets.

Gee, Hanny, don't look so excited.

It's hard to see what they wrote on them.

On Hannah's, the two symbols in the middle are the initials of her name.

Okay, before I post the next picture, y'all have to promise not to laugh. Well, at least don't laugh so hard that you pee in your pants. Promise? Come on.

You see, we were still in ancient Egypt studying mummies. Someone had to be the mummy, right? And who better than mommy to be the mummy. Oy. Here I am in all my wrapped-up glory....

I told you not to laugh. All in the name of education, right?!

Math is going very well for both of them. Kali's zipping right along and having a good time - finally. Hannah loves math. I normally find her at odd times of the day just writing down math facts in her notebook. Sweet! Grammar is another one of Hannah's favorites and Kali is picking it all up as we go along. It's all so very interesting to see what she learns just by hanging out with us. It just reminds me that learning goes on all day long around here. Spelling, reading, writing, and science are all going well, too. Though I do believe their favorite time of day is lunch time. They're all hooked on reruns of Home Improvement lately.

Well, that's it for my school update. I will work on the rest of my update later on! Hope you like it over here at my blog's new home.

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RNRAngel said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i just HAD to tell you that i love this !!!
Now, i thought i was the only crazy woman around - but no- you proved me wrong !
Now that just proves it : we are too much alike NOT to meet !!
Lovin the new blog my friend
You rock ♪ ♫