Tuesday, July 14, 2009

40? Seriously?! Really?

I cannot be 40.  There's no way that 40 years have gone by in a blur (though I don't remember the first 4, and some others were quite a blur, too.)  I'm still 20-something, but my driver's license says otherwise.

I had an entire birthday weekend.  I celebrated with Hannah and Kali on Saturday since Alex and I would not be home all day on Sunday.  My morning started out with Alex making my famous cinnamon rolls

The glaze was cooling off in the saucepan. 

Hannah and Kali said I had to eat breakfast in bed.  They decorated the room for me.

Please ignore my "I just ran a few miles and then got out of the shower" look.  It's even scaring me!
Oh lord, what happened to me?!  I think this is where Hannah was telling me "40 is the new 70."  She's such a snot. 

We hung out all day.  Alex took the girls to Lowe's after breakfast for their Build & Grow clinic while I stayed home and blasted the music. 

For dinner, my poor allergic-to-dairy husband made me chicken parmesan.  That was always his favorite before he realized it was slowly killing him!  Then I had some yummy, yummy cake.

My sister-in-law, Michele, got there around 8:30.  The girls were super-excited to see her; so was I!  I cannot tell you the last time Alex and I had an entire day alone together.  Hmmm......nope, not then......um, nope, that was just dinner........um.........what year is it?!  Yep, it's been years.  

We got up and left the house a little after 7am on Sunday and rolled in to Animal Kingdom right before they opened at 9.  The last time I was there was back in January, but after the 5K was done, we couldn't stay!  Well, not unless I wanted to pay for the tickets, and I didn't.  I told Alex we had to run over to Expedition Everest first so we could get on before the line got too long.  I hadn't been on it yet and was dying to get on it.  I'm not sure Alex felt the same way as I did.  :) 

I can't believe how many times he used the camera that day.  I normally keep him and the camera separated since he has this bad habit of dropping them.  Oy.  Thankfully, no one got hurt that day.  ;) 

I will say that this is now my most favorite Disney coaster ride.  We ended up riding it 3 times that day, and I would have gone more times but I wanted to do other stuff!  I must go back there again soon.

Then we went over to the Dinosaur ride.

Watch out for this guy!  Or girl!  As much as Kali loves dinosaurs, this ride would have left her in therapy for the rest of her life.  Poor Alex nearly jumped in my lap when a huge T-Rex roared right in his face.  That was pretty funny.  We ended up on this one twice. 

We went and saw Nemo, the Musical.  It was pretty good!  It's interesting to watch shows without having the girls with us.  Hopefully we'll get another day like that within the next 10 years!

We went over to The Tree of Life to see It's Tough to Be a Bug.  Alex hated the crawling bugs under his butt at the end! 

We stopped and got a quick lunch and sat outside.  Despite the heat, it was nice under here! 

I loved listening to the African drummers.

We got in line for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.  I think Alex liked that one the best.  It's times like this that I soooo wish I had a dSLR camera; the animals were fantastic and the pictures could have been better.

On the safari.

Awwwww....check out the baby elephant!

Heading back over to Expedition Everest.  I could not get enough of that ride!

I think we were both slightly melted at this point.

MICKEY!!!  Excuse the blurry photo.  My cameraman wasn't on his game!

The afternoon parade.  Thankfully we had found a bench in the shade while we waited for it!

Here's a little trivia for you..... Between Chip and Dale, who has the black nose?  

CHIP!  You know, like a chocolate chip!  Dale has the brown nose.  He's such a brown noser.  lol

Minnie.  :)

Goofy, off to his fishing trip!


We headed back to the Dinosaur ride after the parade.  It started raining a bit by then, so it was nice to get inside somewhere for a while.  Thankfully, it didn't rain long; just enough to cool us off for a while!

We ended up going to dinner a bit earlier than we had originally planned, which was fine. 

Hey, at least we got to sit by the waterfall.  However, we soon realized that the area around the waterfall was COLD!  Then, we realized that the whole dang place was cold.  :)  Good thing I ordered some spicy food; it kept me warm.  Dinner was yummy, as was the massive chocolate cake we had for desert.  I had to roll myself out of there.

It was so cold in there that my camera was still fogged up when I took this right after we left!

We drove over to the Polynesian after dinner.  Ahhhhhhh.....I'd really love to stay here for a few days. 

And this is what I saw when we got down to the beach. Holy hell.  I was ready to move in.

The Contemporary is right there, as is the Grand Floridian (it's on the other side).

Remember the rain I mentioned earlier?  All the chairs were wet, so my awesome husband dried them off for us.


I swear my day could not have gotten any better.

We were such bums.  I loved it.  When can I go back?!

Yes, I sat in the lounge chair and stared at Cinderella's Castle.  Jealous, are you?!  ;) 

The sunset was spectacular!  By the time it got really dark, the mosquitoes decided to feast upon us!  Itchy, itchy!

The Grand Floridian. 

Anyone?  Someone?  Who has a dSLR they want to send down to me?!  I promise to take millions of beautiful pictures with it.  :)

Sorry.  It's my blog and I'll put up 10,000 pictures of this if I want to!

Time for the water parade!

At this point we went inside for a little bit so the bugs would quit feasting on us.  OMG.  I was chewed up! I had sucked down an entire Mai Tai and was feeling pretty darn good.

However, I wasn't looking as good as I felt!  Hey, it was a long day.  :)

I tried, in vain, to get a Tiki Glass.  They were sold out of them at the gift shop, and even through all of my perky begging and pleading with different people around the resort, no one would hook me up with one from the bar upstairs.  Disney - for shame!  I'll get that Tiki glass eventually.

We went back outside for the fireworks show after my begging failed me.

And that was the end of my most perfect birthday.

We got home around 12:30, talked to Michele for a bit, and I thanked her profusely.  I am forever in her debt.  I had so much fun!!!!  It was great to have the entire day with Alex and spend it at my favorite place in the world. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.  If that's not enough for you, I think I have 550 more.  Really.  ;)  And forget what Hannah said; I think 40 is the new 30. 

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