Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to the books!

Today is our first day back to 'school' here.  We've started early this year so that we can take more time off when it finally gets a bit cooler (though I'm sure that won't happen until January down here!).  So far the day is going wonderfully!  I'm doing a modified version of workboxes with the girls (y'all will just have to Google that one) and they're really enjoying it.  Right now we're on lunch break (leftovers are heating up in the oven!) and we'll finish the rest when we're done. 

Mary seems to be having a great time in college so far, though she did say that she misses real food.  ;)  Hopefully we'll get to see her soon.  Between school and work, I'm not sure when we'll see her!  I miss her; things aren't the same around here without her here.

Sunday I ran 6 miles!  That was crazy fun and utterly exhausting.  This morning my legs only let me run 2, though they protested loudly the whole time.  :) 

On Sunday (thanks to Alex's sister Michele who is coming to watch the girls) I get to go hang out at Animal Kingdom all day with my husband!  OMG.  If y'all only knew how excited I am about this.  I would have picked the Magic Kingdom (and who knows, I might still change my mind) but my favorite ride is being refurbished there, and it wouldn't be the same without it.  Plus I'd want to stay until they closed, and they close too late for us to get back in time.  Hmmm.....though if we can talk Michele into spending another night..............who knows.  :)  All I know is I'm going to Disney on Sunday with my husband and it doesn't matter where I go!  Now just hope it doesn't rain on us.

I am off to check on lunch, but I bet it still has a while to go. 

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Nessa said...

Six miles! That's awesome mama! You will be ready for the Boston Marathon if you keep this up!

I hoep you have a great time at Disney! Maybe you can see Mary for a spell while you are there.