Friday, July 24, 2009

Conversation with Hannah

This was so sweet, I had to share.  I was working on some school stuff last night, and Hannah came in and sat down with me.  This is pretty much what happened next:

Hannah - Um, mom, you do this every night?

Me - Yes, dear.

H - Every night?  You mean you come in here and put all our stuff together every night?

M - Yes, dear.

H - Then you get up at 5 to run?

M - Yes, dear.  (I'm so chalk full of words, aren't I?)

H - Then you come home, shower, make your coffee, and turn on the Today Show?

M - Yep.

H - Then you make us breakfast?  (Though sometimes daddy does)

M - Yep. 

H - Then you help get us ready and then we start school?

M - Yep.

H - Then you teach us, and then you make us lunch, and then we do more school work?

M - Yep. 

H - Then you make dinner?

M - Yep.

H - Then you put our school stuff together again and then start all over the next day?

M - Uh huh.

H - Gee, mom, you do a lot.

OMG - Someone noticed!!!!!!!  ;)  Okay, so Alex realizes it (at least I hope he does!), but it's really nice to know that one of my children notices part of what I do around here.  She's so sweet - most of the time.  And then when I told her there was a history test today, she got out her history book and went to study.  STUDY!  A child of mine voluntarily studied.  Amazing.  It's not like those tests are anything major; it's really more for me than for her.  Wow.  A child of mine voluntarily studied, noticed what the heck I do around here, and even cleans stuff without me asking her.  Either I'm being punked or the planets are in alignment at the moment.

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Nessa said...

I think it's more that you are an excellent mom than the planets being in the right place. Looks like all of your hard work is paying off.

Congrats mama!

Also, just having her stop to realize all you do for her was a golden moment in itself.