Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More food.

I really should weigh 500 pounds. Thank goodness for the ability to say "no" and that crazy running I do.

I tried out the french toast loaf from the Magic Kingdom bakery. Remind me next time to put it in a larger loaf pan! I ended up having to run a cleaning cycle on the oven that day.

Yes, it was yummy. :) However, my vote is still for the french toast from the Crystal Palace. Of course, that one was nearly deep fried and probably had 2x's the calories in it.

Then I tried the baked corn dogs from The Food Network. They were good, too! They were more like a bread-dough wrapped dog than a corn dog, but you could definitely taste the cornmeal in it.

Hannah decided that they had to have honey-mustard dipping sauce for these. Since I didn't have any, she grabbed her cookbook, (yes, she has her own) found a recipe for it, and made it. I like that. She decided that "hey, I don't have any, so I'll make it myself." That's my girl!

Then I looked at my nifty calendar that I laminated for my fridge, and decided that it needed a grocery list next to it.

So I found this. It works great for jotting down those things you run out of and forget about by the time you get out the big grocery list. I'm now a laminating fool! Watch out girls, mama might laminate you, too!

I cannot wait until we finally get some cooler weather down here. (Oh wait, that will be somewhere around December or January!) Running in the summer is UGLY! I was out this morning at 5:30 and it was nearly 80 already. I'm still running, though just not as far as I want to be right now. Come on, fall!

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Nessa said...

Those corn dogs look fab! I bet they were good! I'm looking forward to cooler weather too. Too bad it's a way off yet!