Saturday, November 8, 2008

And on a lighter note.....

Here's a few recent pictures......

Hannah and Kali in their new jammies.  :)

More jammies

Goofy Kali

Who are these people?! 

Now for my latest shopping trip reports.  :)  Gotta love The Grocery Game at cruddy economic times like these.

I went to CVS last week; they had great sales on a few things that I needed.  And you know, that is the whole point of this thing, is to buy stuff you use all the time.  It wouldn't be saving money if you bought stuff you wouldn't use.  Anyway, I went to CVS twice last week.  The first time I spent 29.44 and saved 8.40.  I then went back to CVS with the Extra Care Bucks and other coupons I got......I spent 1.10 and saved $30.00!  Go me.  I went to Publix - spent 76.41 and saved 46.61.  Target was fairly good, too.  Spent 18, saved 11. 

I think if I ever forgot my coupon binder, I'd have to leave everything in the store and go home and get it.  Yes, definately. 

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