Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holy hell......

First things first.......Mary is fine.  However, "little Bessie" (the van) is not.  A car stopped fast and short in front of Mary and she whacked them.  Thankfully little Bessie did what she was supposed to do and sacrificed herself for Mary.  Long story short, we are down to one car once again.  Mary's fine; a bit bruised and stiff, but fine.  The car will be released to our insurance company so they can declare it totaled.  (hey, is that with one "L" or two?!)  If anyone has a spare car taking up some room, feel free to send it our way!  lol  What else can you do in this situation but be extremely glad that your child is fine and find lots of humor.  Laughter can get you through anything, right?  The police officer saw the car and told her she was extremely lucky to walk away.  I'd write more, but my mind is fried at the moment.

Who wants to come watch a comedy with us? 

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