Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures, sewing, and general Monday night ramblings

I am the queen of rambling, aren't I?  I could go on and on about stuff if I had enough time to just sit here and didn't get interrupted every 2.5 seconds. 

Here are some pictures from Halloween.

Time to go Trick or Treating!!!

The houses by us just go nuts with the decorations.  Halloween rocks!

Hannah and Kali had been out walking for 2 hours before I took this picture!  Mary was at home with Jordan watching scary movies.  The little ones kept saying "is it time to go to sleep?!  We're tired!"  But don't they look so darn cute?!

Holy cow, I have finally sewed something again!!  Go me.  I finished these up earlier today.  Excuse the stuff stuck on the front of the shirt; I still need to get some stabilizer off.  These are pj's for Hannah.  Sure, it's a little, little kid print, but it's cute and she's still little.

She liked the giraffe.  I'm just glad my machine is working right again.  It was giving me issues after I had taken it in for servicing. 

Here's Kali's.  Yes, they look miniature next to Hannah's.  I swear Hannah grows every day. 

Here's Kali's elephant.  I'll try to get some pictures of them wearing them later on. 

Speaking of Kali, she's doing a wonderful job learning how to read.  We do one lesson a day and stop when she starts to lose interest.  Hannah was the same way (lost interest in about 10-15 minutes) and now reads books on at least a 4th grade level.  She's a book-reading fool. 

The rest of their schoolwork is going equally as well.  They both love math.  So much so, that Kali gets mad when there's no math on the weekends. 

Tomorrow is election day.  I hope you all get out there and vote, though I will hope that you all vote the way I voted!  I'm soooo nervous and wish that it was over and we knew the results. 

That should leave no question as to whom I want to win.  :) 

Alex and I took the girls to early voting on Saturday.  I'm glad they were able to go and I'm hoping that they'll remember that day, because no matter what the outcome, history will be made.  We'll be having chili for dinner tomorrow, served over rice.  I hear Obama likes his chili that way, so I'm hoping to send some good mojo his way with my chili.  ;)

I have yet another nasty migraine brewing, so I'm going to end my update for now, hit the couch, and hope for some relief. 

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