Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 3 of Week 4/Tuesday

I was supposed to put this update in on Tuesday, but life got a hold of me first.  Today is now Thursday, and I was back at the park at the butt-crack of dawn, also known as 6am around here.  It was also a very strange 74 degrees this morning.  Blech.  The humidity nearly filled up my water bottle! 

Hopefully on Monday I'll be back to my regularly scheduled schedule (!) and on day 1 of week 5. 

I'm starting to work on some Christmas projects and on the hunt for inexpensive gifts.  Think I can get Ford to donate a car?!  ;) 

Hope all is well with's my original, unfinished, outdated update!

Okay, so there have been a few hiccups in my training.  First there was that horrid thing called daylight savings.  Then there was that other horrid thing called Mary's accident.  I hate, hate, hate going to the park to run when the sun is up.  I so love when it's still dark and I can enjoy the peace and quiet that it brings.  Of course, the time change killed that since the sun was up at 6:15 now.  I tried running at my normal time and hated it; I tried running at night and hated that, too.  Gosh I'm such a whiner!  So I decided the only thing left to do was to get up at 5:15 so I could be at the park just as the sky was started to get light. 

Of course, then Mary got in her accident and that put me a few days behind schedule.  Thankfully that's all it was, right.

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