Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving today.  I’m taking a moment in between rounds of food to post some pictures of our dinner (late lunch?  early dinner?  whatever.)  Soon it will be time for pie!

Except for the cinnamon rolls that I made this morning that had egg in the dough, everything else is totally vegan.  And I must say, it was all (so far – haven’t had those pies!) totally delicious!


The cinnamon rolls were waiting to be iced.



Pumpkin pie. 



Apple pie before it baked in the oven.



After.  What?  You expected some other decorative cutout on my apple pie?!?  For shame!



This is a super yummy whipped ‘cream’ that I made with coconut milk, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a little bit of cornstarch.  I cannot wait to have this on my pie!!!!!!  (Can you tell I’m really looking forward to those dang pies?!)


Hannah made the table look gorgeous.  Smile  Thanks, Hanny!!!



She watched a napkin folding video and liked this one.  Smile



Someone was just having fun watching her sister do the work.  Winking smile



Time to eat!!! 


The rest of the food was up on the counter. 


I bet you can almost smell this!


Okay, from top left – stuffing with apples, mushrooms, and soy sausage; baked sweet potato; Quorn turk’y roast, roasted carrots and peas, mashed potatoes with no-chicken gravy.  Smile Mmmmmmm……I am stuffed and happy (though still looking forward to, you guessed it, PIE!)

I have more pictures but will put those up later.  Mary got here last night and stayed until she had to leave for work.  I’m glad she got to put the ornaments up on the tree with her sisters.  The girls are happily playing in their room right now, Alex is cleaning up the huge mess I left in the kitchen, and the football game just ended.  Later on we will be watching a movie.  What movie you ask?!?  Did you have to ask?  What else would we watch today?  I’ll give you a hint – let me know if you know what movie it is………

“Grace?  She died 30 years ago!” 

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