Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.


I am fortunate enough to homeschool the girls.  This means we have the freedom to do our school work wherever and whenever we want to.  On Friday I decided that we needed to do our work (why do I say “our work” when it is clearly their work?!) outside.  Now, knowing me, there is only one place for us to do that.


DSC00327   Downtown Disney!  There’s a great little field right by La Nouba that is wonderful for having a picnic, running around, and now, doing schoolwork!  I found these great big clipboards at JoAnn’s (thanks for the idea Patience!) that work wonderfully for stuff like this.

DSC00330   Hannah was working on a Thanksgiving poem.  Hmmm…..funny how the toys ended up coming with us, isn’t it?!  ;)


DSC00332     Not sure what Kali was doing here.



After we were done with math, grammar, writing, lunch, history, and whatever else I brought for them, we put our stuff in the car and decided to walk around for a bit.  Some of the Christmas decorations were up.  Smile



I think Hannah was trying to talk to me while I was taking the picture.



Someone was being really goofy.


I think she was trying to attack us.



Or maybe she thought someone was trying to get her?!  Silly girl.



I bet they were saying “hey, lets see if we can ditch mom for a while!”


She wouldn’t tell me.

We had lots of fun, the girls got their daily dose of smarts, and the weather was absolutely wonderful.  We will have to do that again soon. 



On Saturday (because I’m too lazy to put this in a separate blog post) I made some veggie ‘fritters’ with carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, russet potato, garlic, and some other various spices tossed with some flour and an egg.  They rocked!  We had these with a huge salad.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.  I want more.



Now I’m sitting here while the girls do their math.  I’m trying to figure out when I have to cook certain parts of our Thanksgiving menu.  I think I will make the pie crust dough today and freeze it until I bake the pies on Wednesday.  Smile

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