Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She did it!!!!!

My middle child may be bold, brash, and beautiful, but she can be quite timid, too.  That was the case when it came to riding a bike on 2 wheels.  Until now.....

Please excuse the fact that I was talking.  I HATE hearing my voice (other than in my own head!) and was really trying not to talk. 

Hannah is so excited that she can just go out and ride her bike now.  I'm excited that she finally learned.  Oh yeah, and that big thing on the back was a handle for Alex to try to hold her up on the darn thing.  It was worthless.  When you're the size of an average 11 or 12 year old and wear a woman's size 8.5 shoe, your daddy cannot hold you up on a bike.  I have the handle if anyone would like it.  :) 

I have more to update on, but haven't had any time this week to do it!  But I wanted to get this up there because I'm so darn proud of her. 

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Nessa said...

Go Hannah Go!!!!! Yay Hannah! Oh, and Kali looks like she may not be too far behind herself. I heard grandpa!