Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I literally just finished watching this video and felt I needed to share it.

This is wonderful! Both Hannah and Kali are little fidgets. :) Kali does at least half of her work standing up, or half kneeling on her chair, or whatever. Hannah has to have something else going on at all times or things are just not good in her world. I often wondered how they'd fair if they were in mainstream schools. (No no, that's not going to happen!) I love that there are forward-thinking people in this world who are willing to do something to change the status quo. I bet these kids are going to excel in many different areas because one teacher decided it was time for a change. Seriously, who needs to sit all day long? How on earth can you pay attention to what's going on when you're bored off your ass from sitting on it all day? You're not engaged in your learning, you're just sitting there listening to mindless information that you're not going to easily retain.

I've got some pictures from this weekend to put up; hopefully I'll get to that later on today.

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