Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break!

The girls and I are on spring break this week.  I don't know who is happier about that, either!!  I feel like I'm on vacation!  Yesterday I took Hannah and Kali to Busch Gardens.  I think the whole world heard that we were going, so they thought they'd all come, too.  OMG.  It took a good 1/2 hour just to get into the parking lot!  However, Busch Gardens has their act together (at least they did yesterday!) and you would not have known the crowd was so big. 

Want to see what my kids do while they're at a theme park?!?

Is that funny or what?!  I couldn't believe they even brought them in the park, let alone whipped 'em out while we were eating lunch.  Goofy kids.  They thought this was really, really funny.

Hannah was hanging out with this huge bunny!  She wanted to take him (her?) home. 

We stopped off at the bird gardens.  It's really pretty back there.

Check out the mama and her baby ducks.  Awwwwww.

Hannah really, really wants to go on SheiKra.  However, none of us are brave enough to go on it.  Anyone want to go on it with her?  Really?! 

Come on, you know you want to!

I don't know what she was doing here, but she's just so darn cute!

They were trying to figure out what the 'tree trunk' was made out of.

Hannah loves this ride.  Kali despises it.  She was even freaked out that Hannah was going on it.  :)

I, again, have no clue what was going on here.  Maybe she was bored?  Tired?  Freaked out that she was going to be tossed down to the ground?

She got off the ride, and got right back in line. 

Someone go on SheiKra with my little daredevil.  Please. 

Tomorrow we're headed off to Sea World and/or Downtown Disney for the day.  Depends on some small childrens' moods, I guess.  Or how many flippin' people will pack Sea World!  Hopefully I won't spend more than the $1.06 I spent at Busch Gardens yesterday.  I'm such a big spender, aren't I?!  I did just bake a batch of breakfast cookies for the morning, and, as usual, we'll bring our lunch and snacks with us.  I might have to bring dinner with us, too, since we'll be in no hurry to get home.  Well, not really.  Saturday we're headed off to Dino Land (see, I told you I felt like I was on vacation!)  It's homeschooling month there, so I can get us in for $5 each.  We might stop at Busch Gardens on the way home (it's super close) so Alex and little miss daredevil can ride a coaster.  Though it won't be SheiKra since he refuses to get on that beast.  Kali and I will just watch and giggle.

I did my weekly shopping today since we won't be home tomorrow.  I will say that I have a $10 coupon I need to use on Sunday at SweetBay, so I'll *gasp* be a the store then!  I'll get some chicken or something.  Anyway, without my normal breakdown since I'm feelin' a bit's what I did:

Spent:  $96.08
Saved: $83.01!!!!!!  Go MEEEEE.  My cart was overflowing.  They had to put a big bag on the bottom.  :)  My one and only complaint about Publix (or is this just every store??) is that why, oh why, do the baggers feel the need to put the produce on the BOTTOM and stack shit on top of it?!  Really.  I don't want tomato sauce, I want tomatoes!!!  Every freakin' time I go, this happens.  Is it just me?!  I'm surprised they don't put my eggs down there, too.  Okay, rant over with.


Nessa said...

Damn! What in the hell did you do to save that much! Wow!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

You are going to such cool places! Our zoo is fun, but wow. You and your girls get to do some great stuff. :)