Monday, October 26, 2009

THE cart.

No, this isn't just a cart.  It's not the cart, either.  It's THE cart.  You shall call it Mr. Cart, or Sir.  ;) 

You see, about a month or so ago I happened to ask my dad if, by some chance, he might be able to make a butcher block cart.  You know, just a thought.  I think it was halfway done in about a week.  Seriously.  Maybe what happens is when he hears the word wood, he goes into overdrive.  He might need a 12-step program for wood.  Wood-aholocs Anonymous.  Wood-Anon.  ;)  Oh forget it, I don't want him anywhere near that so he doesn't stop creating things that end up at our house! 

So Mr. FedEx brought 1/2 of the cart on Saturday.  I lovingly oiled the top a few times and let it rest in our bedroom.  Then this morning, Mr. FedEx (and I told him I call him that) brought the other half of the cart.

Go ahead.....drool over it like I am.....

Yes, it is spectacular.

Check out the size of the drawer!!  I'm still debating on what to put in there, but I do have a few things in there now. 

Check out my towel bar.  Now I need to embroider a few new towels for it.  After I'm done with the holiday factory I have going on in my office now.

So I figured I had to break in the cart today.  Kali asked me to make pizza.  She's been sick for the past two days and hasn't left the couch.  How could mama say no to that?!  I was just hoping she would eat; she's turned down every food I've tried to give her since yesterday morning. 

Pizza dough rising on the cart.  The bowl was my grandma's bowl.  My dough only rises in her bowls; I won't put it in anything else.

Before the rise.  :)

Yes, the cart was moved so I could watch TV and roll out pizza at the same time.  Hey, Oprah was on!  Check out my dough - it grew like crazy!  It's all in the bowl, you know.  ;)

Dough balls resting on the counter.

Waiting for cheese.


Look who got up to eat!  I knew the pizza would bring her to the table.  I was just happy that she finally ate something.  Lets hope she's feeling much better tomorrow.  She played for a bit after dinner and now she's back on the couch watching the Dr. Seuss cake challenge on Food Network.

Mr. Cart has now been cleaned off, oiled, buffed, and rolled back into place.  Thank you, again, dad.  It is just perfect. 

By the way, someone from Day's Inn called looking for you.  Hmmm........wonder what that was about?! 

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Nessa said...

The cart looks beautiful! I bet it's the best made cart out there.

I hope that Kali feels better for you. I'm sure that great looking pizza helped!