Thursday, October 1, 2009

My computer.

Well, seems as though my computer finally gave up on me.  Thankfully, Alex had one that had issues, too, but his friend was able to fix it.  (Thank you, Ben!).  Plus, I didn't loose too much of my stuff, either.  The only thing I wish I still had was photoshop (wasn't my copy of it).  Of course, there will be a few more things that I'll figure out that I'm missing when I go to look for them!

However, my Outlook had all of my email addresses in it!  And goofy me did not write those down anywhere.  Ugh.  So, if you're not getting any emails from me (and you know you want them!) now you know why.

So keep your fingers crossed that karma likes me and keeps this one running for a long time.  At least until the MacBook fairy comes to visit me!  (They are real, right!?) 

This morning it was 52 degrees.  Yes, 52 degrees in Florida in the morning.  I was deliriously happy.  I enjoyed a 4 mile run in that wonderful weather.  Thankfully it was still dark outside and no one could see the goofy grin on my face while I was running.  I seriously think I smiled the whole time because of the weather.  And I seriously think I pulled a butt muscle, too.  Ouchee!  Maybe my butt is telling me that I've been sitting on it wayyyyy too much these past few weeks.  Sorry butt muscles.  I will be out there again in the morning; hopefully it will still be nice and cool.

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