Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall is baking season.

FINALLY, I woke up this morning to a lovely 62 cool degrees.  It's still cool, overcast, and lovely outside.  I enjoyed (well, not sure if I really enjoyed it) a 2.5 mile run, showered, and sat outside with a cup of coffee.  I am in heaven.

Seeing that it finally feels like fall around here, I got the baking bug yesterday.  Here's what we accomplished:

Pumpkin muffins. 

They are really good.  :)  My mom sent the stand down in our annual Halloween box.  Thank you!  The girls go nuts over the Halloween box.  I think it might be their favorite thing about Halloween!

No, I did not make these!  Amazon had a HUGE sale on Yummy Earth stuff (thanks for the heads-up, Pat!!).  I was just about to order some for Kali before I found out about the sale.  Thank goodness I waited.  Yummy Earth makes all natural, dye free lollipops and they're not exactly cheap.  However, I managed to score 700 lollipops, delivered, for just over $19.00  What a deal!  Kali is thrilled to be stocked up on lollipops for the next million years, too.  Well, we all are - those things are fantastic!

Okay, back to the baking.....

Publix has a sale on these right now.  Somehow, 4 bags of them ended up in my cart yesterday.  ;)  Then I read the back of one of the bags.  Oh my.  A recipe for chocolate caramel popcorn.  How could I not do that?!  Alex and the girls got in on the action and we all made it together.

Hannah was melting the caramels.

Still had her sucker, too.  ;) 

What a silly kid.

She loves cooking with me.  I love that she cooks with me.  :)

Just after the chocolate started melting on it.  My butt is feeling larger already.

You know you want some.

Cooling off on the table.  I need to stay far away from this stuff.  There's not enough miles in the world that can take off what that would put on; but I will have a little bit.

Today we are off to the pumpkin farm.  I cannot wait to be outside and not sweat like a little piggy!

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Sadie said...

yum! My 2 older boys sell popcorn for scouts and we always get chocolate popcorn. It lasts about 5 min. I'll have to try and make some....