Thursday, October 22, 2009

My day with Hannah.

Every once in a while, I steal one of the girls for most of the day.  Well, I don't exactly kidnap them, I think I'd be arrested for that. 

Today I took Hannah to Busch Gardens.  I took Hannah and Kali there last week because Kali finally decided water rides were fun.  It was hoooooooot, we got on the water ride (Congo River Rapids) once, and Kali decided water rides were no longer fun.  Uh oh.  Hannah was really disappointed, so I promised I'd take her back.

Thankfully, it was about 86 today; perfect for being drenched.  And drenched we were.  We went on the Flume ride once, then the Tidal Wave twice, and then Congo River Rapids twice.  By the time we were finished, there was no dry part on either of us!  That was fun.  We did a few other rides, but thankfully those didn't involve water.

It was nice having a day with her.  She had no sister to argue with and she got to go on the rides she wanted to.  Well, mama wasn't going on SheiKra, so she was out of luck there. 

It can be hard to take both of them to Busch Gardens at the same time.  Hannah wants to go on all the big rides and Kali doesn't want to go on anything that Hannah does.  It's funny how extremely different the two of them are. 

Next time I'll have to steal Kali away for the day.  It will have to be soon if she wants to go to Busch Gardens; our passes are up at the end of December.  I am sad.  :(  If anyone knows of the theme park pass fairy, will you ask him or her to bestow some Disney passes on us?  I know I could get them all on the same rides there!!!! 

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