Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cooking Sunday

Phew, I'm exhausted!  I'm ready for a good nap, though I think going to bed early tonight sounds better. 

We (I) cooked alllllll dayyyyyyy long today.  Though I will say that Alex did a ton of dishes, and chopped a bunch of onions so I wouldn't have the "onion cry face."  Dang, that's love, right?  A man who will do the onion cry face so his wife doesn't have to.  He wins brownie points.  Plus, he took them to the park for a while and then they stopped for some ice cream.  More brownie points.

So here's what I made today:

1 big pot of chilli - split up into two batches for two dinners.
2 batches of rice (last night's dealie) split up into 6 bags.
1 pot of French onion soup - split up into two batches for two dinners
12 chicken breasts (my pressure cooker cooked them in 12 minutes).  6 shredded and 6 cubed.  All in 4 bags for 4 different dinners.
1 batch of beef/onion/pepper/etc taco filling for whatever I decide to do with it.
1 batch of pizza crust dough split up into 6 bags = 2 large pizzas and 4 mediums
2 loaves of bread - just the regular stuff, but we were out.
1 big thing of chicken broth from the 12 chicken breasts.
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Now don't ask what we're having tomorrow night because I haven't figured that out yet!

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