Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 4/Day 1

Hell.  Yes, I've slipped down into the 7th circle of hell (and why did I go past the other 6???).  First of all, let me mention that when I left the house this morning, I could see my breath.  Why is that odd, you ask?  Because it's October and I live in FLORIDA!  That is not supposed to happen yet.  Freaky.  So I put on my little jacket over my long sleeved t-shirt and warmed up the van.  Brrrrrrrr.  I was shivering.  Got to the park and debated on weather or not I should leave on said little jacket.  I left it on.  My face was frozen and probably bright red; not that you could see it though since it was pitch black outside still.

So I started up my iPod and got to my usual 5 minute fast-walking warmup.  And then he said it (my podcast guy) - welcome to week 4.  We'll be warming up for 5 minutes, running for 3 minutes/walk for 90 sec/run for 5 minutes(yikes!)/walk for 2.5 minutes/repeat the whole thing/cool down for 5 minutes.  And then I knew I was in trouble.  The first 3 minute run wasn't so bad (did I just say that?) but it was the 90 second walk that did me in; I needed more time.  Then the 5 minute run started - oh my god.  The first 3 minutes were okay, the last 2 minutes were hell.  And then I began to wonder why on earth I left that jacket on.  I was roasting.  Roasting, sweating, and gasping for air.  Where is that oxygen tank when I need it?! 

Thank goodness the 5 mintues ended and I had 2 1/2 minutes to walk (fast) and catch my breath!  But then the next 3 minute run came up and off I went.  I wanted to die.  I ended up only running about 2 1/2 minutes of it.  So I walked for the next 2 1/2 minutes thinking "how the hell am I going to run for 5!!!  The run started and off I went again, and then about 2 minutes into it, I stopped for about 10 seconds.  I realized I better get my ass moving because stopping is not an option.  I mean, really, if I were to keep stopping, how the heck would I ever get through it?!  I think I ran slower than I walked, but I kept going, hoping that no one would see me or they'd probably call 911.  THANK GOD THE 5 MINUTES ENDED!!!  I was oh-so very happy. 

For those of you that run on a regular basis, I envy you.  I've never, ever run (on purpose) for more than, oh, 1/2 a block.  You know, chasing kids, playing, etc.  So y'all just continue to giggle with me while I work through these weeks and build some lung power and stamina.  Now you know why I run in the dark; no one can see me!

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RNRAngel said...

Oh you are too funny !!! I love these blogs