Friday, October 24, 2008

Running, etc.

So today should have been week 3/day 3, but it was POURING at 6am and I wasn't about to go running in the pouring rain.  So I will go out tomorrow morning.  Week 3/day 2 was fine, so I'm hoping tomorrow goes a little easier for me.  I might do week 3 next week, too, and try to do it every day next week just to see what happens. 

I've got some new pictures, so here they are........

Mary was hosing down her sisters while they washed the van for her.  She kept blaming it on the wind. :)

Hannah and Kali were soaked.

Here's Hannah's 'evil eye' look.  Dang, she's good at it!  Besides the evil eye, I think it's a great picture.

Here's the batch of pasta I dried today.  It will be used next week.  Hey, you can see into my pantry!  See my cauldron, I mean dutch oven on the bottom?  I love that thing!

This is Bay & Sil.  :)

And this is Rose & Mary.  ;) 

See the fresh rosemary sticking out of the bread?  It was sooooooo good.

I made two loaves.  One will go into the freezer for next week. 

That's all for the pictures!  On Sunday we're taking the girls to see High School Musical 3."  They've been waiting oh so patiently for it to come out.  Even Mary and Jordan are coming with us.

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