Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alrighty, so I went out and did my weekly shopping today.  Can I still give another big 'shout out' to our 2nd fridge?  Thank goodness for it, or there would be no shopping, and more importantly, no food!  Hopefully Mr. Kitchen Fridge will be back up and running by Tuesday or Wednesday (y'all keep your fingers crossed.)

Anywhoooooo, I started at Target today.  Their receipts never give you a true savings amount, so I know I saved at least $10 more than it said.  I spent $24.94 and saved $17.53 (+another 10).  Not too shabby.

Then I headed off to Publix.  They had some great sales, and having my Grocery Game list makes it oh-so easy!  I got a few things to stock up the stockpile with, but nothing insane.  Anyway, I had a cart full of stuff.  Spent $109.56 and saved........$73.54.  Go me! 

Tomorrow Alex and I are going out for dinner.  We still have our anniversary cash (thanks mom and dad!) and figured we should probably use it before our next anniversary rolls around.  I have a few holiday things to pick up while we're out (sales are great this week on a few things on the list) and maybe we'll stop off at Hudson Beach.  Sounds like a plan!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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