Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week 2.

Well, I finished week 2 of the Couch-to-5K 'thing.' I did an extra day this morning and was glad that I did, though I completely forgot to eat something before I left - oy. Not a smart move. My poor muscles had nothing to feed off except for whatever energy I had left. Anyway, I made it through the 2nd week and am looking forward to the beginning of week 3 (after Monday morning, I may regret saying that!).

Alex and I did our co-op pick up this morning and then went to Publix. Mary stayed home with her sisters - yay! Tonight I made two batches of brown rice, bagged 'em, and stuck 'em in the freezer. Oh my goodness, can I tell you how cheated I feel?! I've been making my rice on the stove and it was always, well, just not right. Someone said to bake it in the oven, so I gave it a shot. Holy hell. I've been missing out on awesome brown rice for years!!! Tomorrow Alex and I are going to cook a bunch of stuff, freeze it, and hope that it makes weekday dinners a bit less chaotic. I cook 99.9% of everything from scratch and that can be time consuming (if you're me and have all these little quirky issues). Add that to the homeschooling, house keeping, etc., etc., etc., and it was leaving me a bit drained. Hey, this could be fun!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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